How To Get A Perfect Fake Tan EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

December 20, 2016

Getting glowing, sun-kissed skin just got a lot simpler. 

No matter what the time of year, having perfectly bronzed skin is an instant confidence booster. There is just something about having an impeccable tan that makes everything better, and fake tan is the perfect tool for every gal who wants to achieve a natural looking glow.

But there are many emotional stages of actually getting the perfect tan each and every time, and there are a lot of chances for things to go really wrong, making you less of a glowing sun-kissed goddess and more of a bright orange basketball.

Whether you get a professional spray tan at a salon or use one of the many home fake tan products on the market, chances are you want to avoid tanning faux paus at any cost. Tanning expert, Giuliana Benedet, from Beach St Tanning, says getting a perfect tan comes with a lot of trial and error, but is totally possible if you remember these key tips…

1. Check your bases

“The number one mistake when it comes to tanning is using the wrong base tan shade,” says Benedet.

Each tanning product has a different hue in its base, suited to different skin types. A green base is the best option for very pale skin tones or people with pink undertones, and a violet base will make the tan richer and counteract the yellow in olive or darker skin.

“When you have a professional spray, an in-depth consultation should be done where the skin type is assessed to ensure the correct shade is picked and the orange basketball look is nowhere to be seen,” reinforces Benedet.

2. Take your time

We’ve all been there; an invite to an event comes last minute and we rush through our tan at home, lest we turn up to the event pale, and end up with a horrible, streaky tan. Benedet says rushing the application process is the biggest home-tan blunder and can be avoided by taking the time to apply everything properly. The best way to avoid at home faux pas? Go to the pros and get an in salon spray tan.

3. Go to a professional

“Application is everything,” Benedet stresses.

“You can have the best color and equipment, but if the application is not correct the tan won’t have a ‘just off the beach’ look.” If you are venturing away from home application, getting a professional spray tan from a respected and qualified beauty salon is key to ensuring a perfect tan, every time.

4. Tan does not discriminate

Thank goodness! From being dark skinned already to porcelain white, there is a shade for everyone that will give a subtle bronzy glow or rich, dark tan. Benedet says it all comes down to picking the correct shade for each skin type.

5. Airbrushing helps

Why do celeb tans always look so amazing and glowy? They must know some tanning tricks we don’t, right? Well, Benedet reassures us “celebs usually have a team of hair and makeup artists on call 24/7, so the amazing glow they have more than likely took an entire team to create and maintain.” But all hope is not lost for everyday folk who are seeking an amazing tan. “At my salon we use an airbrushing tanning system, which replicates an even celebrity glow all year round,” says Bendet.

6. Mishaps can happen – but they can be fixed

Urgh. Is there anything worse than waking up the morning after a tan and discovering the tan has gone patchy and dark in some places, or your hands are bright orange? Luckily, Benedet says these disasters can be fixed.

“A quick fix for dark patches is to use a face washer and some coconut oil,” she explains.

“With warm water, wet the washer, add a small amount of coconut oil to it and gently rub over the skin. This will even out any patches without removing all of the tan.” Genius!

As for the orange hands, she suggests using a sea salt scrub mixed with hand wash to remove the tan from the palms without having to scrub all of the skin of your hands.

7. Home jobs are great, but nothing beats a professional job

“There are a lot of amazing products out there, but anything DIY has its risks and I believe you just can’t go past a great professional spray tan,” Benedet says.

A professional job may set you back a bit more, but it takes away the stress of streaks, patches or ending up bright orange, leaving you in the hands of someone who knows exactly what to do to achieve the best results.

Images via tumblr.com and giphy.com. 

Comment: Have you ever had a tanning mishap? What are your ultimate tanning tips?



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