Q&A With Kirsty Dayment of Ambition Fashion

August 25, 2014

Ambition Fashion is a recently established e-boutique offering unique and fresh designs so you’re always looking on-trend. Created by Kirsty Dayment, the online store stocks both mens and women’s clothes and accessories, which are always up to date and available nationwide. Read our exclusive interview with Kirsty below, to find out more about Ambition Fashion, and how to start-up your own e-boutique.

How and when did you first launch Ambition Fashion?

Ambition Fashion launched eight weeks ago but like anything worthwhile, it’s been in the works for a long time. I’ve been running my first company, Ambition Models for 12 years now, and as you know, modelling and fashion go hand in hand. A while ago, I was talking to a designer who desperately wanted to break into the industry and start a label, but they were a bit lost on their next step. Then funnily enough, I spoke to another designer, and they had the same problem. I then realised I had the capability, knowledge and contacts to help these talented people and the concept of Ambition Fashion was born – not only was it going to be an online retail store, but it was also going to have an agency aspect to it. That’s one of the many reasons on what sets us apart from other online fashion retailers.

With your recent success, could you share some tips for women looking to start up their own online boutique?

I think people misjudge how much work goes on behind the scenes, so anyone wanting to start up any business needs to do their research before even deciding if it’s something they truly want to pursue. Specifically for setting up an online boutique thought, a major tip is to know your competition – can other people wanting what you’re selling access it from another place? What differentiates you from them? How are you going to make someone purchase from you instead?

Other things to keep in mind is how realistic does your product play into people’s lives? Everybody wears clothes, but fashion is a luxury. You want designs that people will actually wear and implement in their lives, or at least want to.

Deciding to ride solo or form a partnership is also vital – even if you decide to take the journey alone, you’re going to need help from other people, so those end up becoming partnerships in a way too. Choosing those people based on their capability to maximise your brand’s potential is what I deem to be the most important value. Lastly, remember to set achievable goals, and don’t forget to have fun!

With plenty of emerging designers already on board, how do you find these unique and often up and coming collections to feature on your store?

Having a strong interest in supporting local labels is a big factor, but also websites like The Loop has become helpful, and of course, Instagram! Now that I have launched, designers have started coming to me, so it really proved that I was right in knowing there are lots of talent out there that just needed the right people to guide and help them to their full success. But back to social media – it really has changed the fashion industry in so many ways. It’s given designers a whole new channel for them to be promoted and noticed on.

The website also offers a fashion insider aspect, which really sets it apart from other websites. How important it is to identify these trends to your readers and future customers?

I’ve always said Ambition Fashion is a multi-faceted business. We’re a fashion agency, we have a retail store front and our online boutique also have a fashion blog aspect to it. At the end of the day, anyone can sell something on the internet, but we actually work really hard to make it a community. Fashion Insider helps us establish a relationship with our customers but also people who are curious about us – we claim we know our stuff, and I think Fashion Insider is further evidence of that. Both the blog and the newsletter has a real ‘editorial’ splash on it and I’ve built my team based on people with that experience. I know I sound biased, but the newsletter really is different to any other newsletter you get from an online fashion boutique – it’s almost like a slice of a magazine.

Could you share a little bit of what’s next for Ambition Fashion?

Well I can’t give too much away, as surprises are always fun and more exciting, however I can reveal the Ambition team is growing. We’re constantly finding ways to improve and if you’ve been reading our newsletters, you could definitely attest to that.

Something else I can share is two of the designers that I represent, DANYELLE shoes and streetwear label Beautiful Kaos are in the midst of shooting their look books for SS14, so keep an eye out – you will definitely be hearing more of them soon.


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