Q&A with Michelle Bridges

Julia Blanter

One of our favourite cookbooks this year is Michelle Bridges’ Superfoods, which we know is going to be an instant classic. Packed with amazing dishes like Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese and Lamb and Asian Greens Stir Fry, it’s more than just a collection of healthy recipes, it’s a new way of thinking about ingredients, nutrition and weight loss.

We chat to Michelle Bridges about the power of superfoods, her favourite 30-minute superfood dinner recipe and how this busy lady likes to relax.

Congratulations on your new book! Why are superfoods so important to you?
Every meal, in my opinion needs a superfood. I think that there is so much hype around superfoods that makes it easy to forget; a simple bunch of cauliflower from our supermarket is as super as it gets. In my opinion there are four main criteria that gets food onto my super list. They have to be easily accessible, not cost the earth, packed full of nutrients and finally these nutrients have to be delivered effectively.

In other words, you don’t have to eat a barrel loads to get their full benefit.

How much of superfoods should we be eating each day?
Every day every meal should has 1 -2 serving of superfoods. My motto is green is go.

Which 3 ingredients can’t you live without?
Spinach, fish and berries.

What’s one of your favourite quick and easy superfood dinner ideas?
I love my minted brown rice salad from my new book. When I am rushed I just use the pre-cooked rice that you can buy from the supermarket and throw all the ingredients together – 10 minutes and its done. I have been touring the country with Penguin and Big W and have been demonstrating this recipe. It really is very easy, flavoursome and filling.

What’s coming up this year for you?
I have a huge year ahead of me. I am launching a new program within my 12 Week Body Transformation called Move. – this is for all the absolutely beginners who have never really exercised before.

I am also releasing my first book into the U.S. as well as launching my 12 Week Body Transformation over there as well.

You’re always on the go – describe your ultimate day off?
I would wake up naturally without an alarm, get up and train then eat a healthy breakfast. I would later have a massage and get my nails done without having to rush.

Finally I would take my gorgeous dog Paddy for a walk on beach.


Superfoods Cookbook: The facts, the foods and the recipes – feel great, get fit and lose weight by Michelle Bridges, photography by Henryk Lobaczewski and Julie Renouf. Published by Viking, RRP $29.99.