Q&A with Rachael Finch

Julia Blanter

Model, TV presenter and fitness lover Rachael Finch gave birth to her first child in late September, and as the Australian Summer Stonefruit ambassador, Rachael has embarked on a ‘keep fresh, fit and healthy’ campaign. We couldn’t wait to catch up to see how she keeps fit and healthy as a new mum!

Congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family! What have the first few months of being a mum been like?
Thank you! Beyond amazing. I can’t describe how much joy Violet has brought to our lives. Yes it’s challenging at times but I think it’s the best thing we will ever do as humans!

What is your weekly fitness routine like these days?
I try and do something physically active every day. I like to mix it up so that my body doesn’t get used to one thing and I’m working different muscle groups. I love yoga, Pilates, dancing, walking and swimming the most. If I am busy with work I’ll do things like park a couple of kilometres away so I have to walk.

What are some easy ways new mums can get fit and healthy?
Taking Violet out walking every day is one of the best things I can do for me AND Violet. We get fresh air, vitamin D and exercise (she gets a nap). Taking the time to prepare meals for the days ahead to save you time is also a great idea. I love making a big batch of natural protein balls and keeping them on standby throughout the week. I have some of these recipes up on my blog.

Do you manage to get any me-time?
I make sure I schedule time in for myself, I think this is just as important as family time and work. I love getting massages and going to my favourite cafe for breakfast and a cappuccino.

What’s one of your go-to quick healthy summer dinner ideas?
Aussie stonefruit is at its best throughout summer so I love using varieties of it at dinner time for something different! One of my faves is a simple Chinese stir-fry with plums. I use organic beef, plums, bok choy, ginger, garlic and a little soy sauce served on a bed of brown rice. It’s so quick to toss together in the wok and great for lunch the next day!

What’s coming up for you this year?
Fashion week is coming up in April which I’m really excited about. There are lots of great things happening within Speedo so I’m looking forward to working with the team. It’s always a lot of fun working on the racing carnival with Seven, that’s one of my favourite gigs.