Q&A With Ironwoman Candice Falzon

June 7, 2013

Ironwoman, surf lifesaver and model Candice Falzon is an ambassador for the brilliant Cancer Council’s City Mile Dash taking place in Sydney on Friday, 14 June, and she chats to SheSaid about staying motivated in winter, her weekly workouts and what she eats to maintain her super fit body.

What do you love about the City Mile Dash?

What I like most about Cancer Council’s City Mile Dash event is that it’s an event that everyone can get involved in and it’s a lot of fun! It’s a great opportunity to get out of the office at lunch, have some fun with your friends while also contributing to an amazing cause.

What is a typical day’s meal plan for you?

I start my day with two pieces of toast before going swimming. Generally soy and linseed or another grain type bread. I then have a protein shake after my swim and for breakfast a tub of yogurt with muesli (one with not much sugar) and fresh fruit.

For lunch I like to have a salad with chicken or fish or I might have a salad sandwich.

Dinner is steamed veggies with a lean meat or fish. Throughout the day I snack on nuts and dried fruit.

I tend to keep to a very healthy diet to fuel body but I think it’s also important to treat yourself every now and again.

Tell us about your weekly workout plan.

In a typical day I start early with 2 hours of swimming from 5-7am which is generally about 6 kms. Later in the morning I go for a run, do sprints or hit the gym for about 45 minutes and then in the afternoon I head to the beach where I train on the surf ski.

I stick to this routine Monday to Saturday and then Sunday I take it a bit easier.

What are your favourite workouts for a flat belly?

For me I’ve found that hitting the gym or heading out on the surf ski is the most effective at keeping my belly flat. At the gym I focus on core exercises and chin-ups. While you may not realise it surf ski training uses your core a lot so I find it to be great for my belly.

How do you stay motivated in winter?

For me I don’t really have a choice about staying motivated in winter or not as it’s when I need to do most of my training in the lead up to the summer competitions.

What I have found though is setting small goals you can achieve each week really helps to keep you motivated towards a larger goal.

About the City Mile Dash:
Register and take a lunch break like no other as you challenge your friends, colleagues, or even your boss to Cancer Council’s one mile dash race along beautiful Sydney Harbour. Whether you bolt it, jog, walk or wheel it’s up to you.

All City Mile Dash fundraising dollars go towards helping Cancer Council NSW fight cancer through research, prevention and support services for patients and their families. To register, visit www.citymiledash.com.au or call 1300 65 65 85. Together, we can outrun cancer!

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