Q&A With The Aussie Diet Coke Hunk Matt Wilson

July 11, 2013

Have you seen the latest Diet Coke ads with local hunk Matt Wilson? Pretty sexy, right? To celebrate 30 years in Australia, the iconic Diet Cock Hunk is back and it’s time for Aussie women to decide who’s hotter – Matt or the UK Diet Coke Hunt, Andrew Cooper.

SheSaid chats to Matt about why he’s better than the English Diet Coke hunk, how he stays so chiselled, and the important question – is he single!

Convince us: why is the Aussie bloke that much better than an English hunk?

Because I’m a true handy man! He’s a model but I’m a carpenter in my day job so I can mow your lawn and build your dream home! Hopefully this helps twist your arm to vote for me!

How do you stay so chiselled?

A good eating plan and an active job. On the weekends I enjoy a run around Bondi, which is where I live.

Describe your ideal weekend…

Full of good lunches and dinners but as much relaxation as possible. After a busy week I just like to completely unwind and have a break from it all.

Are you a ready-in-10 kind of guy or do you spend hours in the bathroom?

Ready in 10. I’m pretty low maintenance. I can’t find enough things to do in the bathroom to stay in there any longer, there’s only so much shaving and moisturising a man can do.

OK fess up: are you single or taken?

I’m taken. Sorry ladies!

Vote for your favourite hunk and get in with a chance of winning a share of $100,000 cash! To enter, buy any Diet Coke product at Woolworths then enter online at Facebook.com/DIETCOKEAustralia.

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