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Quick and Easy Party Snacks For Kids

Quick and Easy Party Snacks For Kids

Creating new and interesting snacks for kids is difficult enough without resorting to sugary sweets. Fortunately, there are healthy ways to cater for your child’s birthday party without breaking the bank! Below are just a few ideas to get your inner-foodie inspired.

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Fruit cupcakes

This one is easier than it sounds! A great option if you really don’t have the time to be baking all morning, but still want a delicious way to treat the kids. Fill up some of your favourite cups with single servings of chopped strawberry, grapes, watermelon, mandarin, and apple.

You can even let the kids decorate the cups beforehand!

Quick and Easy Party Snacks For Kids

Cucumber dips

Isn’t it just a nightmare trying to coerce the kids to enjoy just one serving of vegetables? Create this delicious snack which basically just requires removing the centre of a cucumber, filling it with cheese, and sticking in a few carrot sticks. This also can control double-dipping!

Quick and Easy Party Snacks For Kids

Cheese snowman

Decorate your standard cheese sticks with some of your favourite characters for a delicious way to serve to kids. All you need to do it stick on the face, clothes, and hat for a snack which will surely have all the kids raving.

Quick and Easy Party Snacks For Kids

Watermelon cut-outs

Use those old-school cookie cutters to make interesting shapes out of watermelon. Simply chop the watermelon into 3-5cm slices, then push through the cookie-cutter and onto a plate. Refrigerate immediately, and serve only until all of your guests have arrived.

Quick and Easy Party Snacks For Kids

Chocolate-dipped kiwi fruit

Okay, we cheated and brought the chocolate in for this last snack, but how could anyone resist!

These delicious fruit kebabs are dipped into chocolate sauce and frozen for a delicious snack during the warmer months.

Quick and Easy Party Snacks For Kids

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