Quiz: “Are you a drama queen?”

October 8, 2009

Got a spare two minutes? Take our “Are your a drama queen?” quiz while you’re boss isn’t looking and see if you need to de-stress!

Situation 1:

You’re at a party and you’ve had too much to drink. Your partner advises you to switch to water or soft drinks. You:

a) Drink orange juice at least until you’ve stopped reeling or he’s stopped watching.

b) Accuse your partner of being a control freak and toss you drink in his face.

Situation 2:

Two months ago your latest boyfriend dumped you. You:

a) occasionally feel down by overall you’re keeping busy and enjoying your freedom;

b) Still phoning all your friends, their mothers and your local noodle take-away, lamenting the end of the greatest love affair in history.

Situation 3:

You have a head cold. You:

a) Take vitamin C and a day off work so you don’t spread your germs;

b) Go to work, tell everyone you have a rare new flu virus and you can’t remember the time you’ve felt so dreadful.

Situation 4:

Your flatmate hasn’t washed up for a week and you need to use the pots and pans. You:

a) Wash them up but have a word with her about how annoying it is and promise to be more considerate to each other.

b) Trash the kitchen and leave her a note tell her to clean it up or move out.

Situation 5:

Your car is lightly hit by another car causing you to be late for work. You:

a) Speak to your boss on arrival and apologise for being late explaining that you had a minor car accident.

b) Arrive tear stained and shaking and announce that you may have to take the day off as someone smashed into your car and it’s a total right-off.

So are you a drama queen?• If you answered 3 “b” answers: you’re someone who likes to exaggerate just to add a little excitement and spice into the mundane side of life, and project yourself as a fascinating woman. • If you answered 4 “b” answers: life as we know it just isn’t exciting and dramatic enough for you, is it? You live your life as though you’re in a movie. • If you answered all “b”: you are a total drama queen. The original “girl who cried wolf”, you will be ignored by all your friends when you have a real crisis. So how did you score?

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