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Rachel Zoe’s 20 fashion must-haves!

Rachel Zoe’s 20 fashion must-haves!

What does celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe consider the “basics” every girl should own? Read on to find out!

I have to admit I have been getting into the “Rachel Zoe Project” recently. I’m not a huge fashionista but there is something really addictive about Rachel and her dealings with her staff and clients. While she can be a, ahem, difficult person to get along with, one thing is for sure … she knows her fashion! The Dior dress with turquoise accessories that she styled Eva Mendes in for the 2009 Golden Globes was amazing!

Anyhoo, the point is Rachel has just released a really interesting story on her blog. The (Not So) Basic Guide to what every girl should have in their wardrobe.

She says, “I get so many questions submitted through Ask Rachel regarding “basics.” It seems to be a fashionably collective thought—readers asking how to discern true wardrobe staples from the fleeting, “trendy” pieces. Honestly, the word basic doesn’t really exist in my vocabulary—sure I have a favorite cut of denim and classic leather jacket never hurt anybody, but more often than not, I like my every day items to stand out. Because of this, I have compiled a shoppable guide of (not-so) basic items that every girl should have in their closet!

Rachel goes on to list 20 pieces she thinks no woman should be without. She calls the list a “fashion blueprint”, and insists each piece can be teamed with everyday clothes to jaw-dropping effect.

First up is a pair of nude pumps, which Rachel says are as vital to a wardrobe as a pair of black shoes. She then advises buying two pairs of well-fitting dark denim jeans. “Hem one to wear with flats, leave the other long to rock with platforms,” she writes.

Rachel also encourages women to buy an oversized bag which should be carried with them at all times, a sheer-detail T-shirt, red nail polish, abstract-print scarf, body-conscious dress, party skirt and men’s watch. “A classic timepiece lends an element of sophistication to any ensemble,” Rachel says.

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