Raiding Your Man’s Grooming Products (Yes, It’s Ok!)

July 24, 2012

There is no denying most women enjoy their own girly beauty products and nail polish, mascara and fake tan are here to stay. However, we have discovered some products for the chaps that do the trick: some even better than our usual feminine faves! Michael Klim’s wife Lindy shares her favourite men’s grooming products, with a girly twist…


Men’s antiperspirant is a bit stronger than women’s so if you can get a fairly neutral or unscented brand, this is perfect for when you are working out, playing sport, hot summer days or before that big meeting or exam to keep you feeling drier for longer.


Gals we aren’t suggesting you start using his razor on your bikini line right before he uses it on his face (hmm) but a lot of women do opt for a men’s blade because they are often a bit sharper and provide a smoother shave than women’s. Sleek silver or black is also a preference for some over baby pink or purple.

Facial Wipes

Men’s face scrub wipes are often larger than the female brands which can be super convenient for removing make-up and keeping your skin cleansed on the go. Milk & Co Scrub + Cleanse Wipes, developed by Michael Klim are a favourite of his wife Lindy: “The Milk wipes are double sided, one with exfoliating beads and the other a gentle cleanser, so they are perfect for my skin too,” Lindy said.

Face Scrub

Men have bigger pores than women so often their face scrubs have larger and more concentrated exfoliating beads in them. Lindy loves using the Milk & Co Face Wash + Scrub once or twice a week to help her skin feel rejuvenated. “The natural, marine based ingredients leave my skin feeling polished and fresh and the scent is not too overpowering, like some heavily perfumed products can be,” she said.

There you go ladies, try experimenting! You might even find a fantastic new hair product or shaving gel that you just can’t live without!

What’s your favourite men’s grooming product that you use on yourself?

We love Michael and Lindy’s fabulous skincare line Milk& Co. which can be used on the whole family – happy sharing!

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