Rainy Day Fun For Kids

May 12, 2015
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“Rain, rain, go away,” I hear my kids humming, but unfortunately to no effect. Rain or not, kids want to do something exciting and here are my top rainy day fun ideas.

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Visit a museum

There are kids’ activities in most museums, which will relieve you from your role as the sole entertainer for the day. Try different museums in your area and if you find one that your kids love going back to, get a membership. Then you can pop in whenever you’re stuck for things to do, even if it’s just for an hour or two.

Organise a play date

It defies logic, but having an extra child or two at your home makes it easier for you to look after all of them. Kids will usually play by themselves and all you have to do is make sure they eat on time. And if you’re the one dropping off your kids at a play date – great, you’ve just scored yourself some alone time!

Play outside

Unless it’s cold, windy and miserable, there’s no reason why kids should skip outdoor play because it’s raining. Put on your raincoats and gumboots, and head outside. Let the kids jump in puddles, make mud pies and get messy.

Get on the train

If you have kids who are fascinated with public transport, now is the time to go for a long train or bus ride. Choose an off-peak time and have some games ready to play on the way in case looking out of the window gets boring. ‘I spy’ is perfect – you don’t need to bring anything, it’s fun and it can take a long time to guess a word.

Go to the library

Most libraries have a children’s section with toys, games, computers and books (of course). Whether you stay there for a while or just pick a few books, it gives you an opportunity to take the kids out of the house and bring something back that will occupy them at home.

What are your favourite ideas for rainy day fun with your kids?

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