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How To Raise A Confident Girl

How To Raise A Confident Girl

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Building self-confidence and high self-esteem is a key aspect of a child’s development – it helps them to face challenges and learn new skills as they grow up.  The impact of having low self-esteem can sometimes lead to negative behaviour such as bullying, drinking, the use of drugs and can also contribute to a child developing an eating disorder.

Growing up in today’s society is tough for young girls.  They are constantly being subjected to unrealistic physical standards and over-sexualised women in the media.  We want to encourage young girls to make positive choices and we want them to be the best they can be.  So in order for them to become confident, self-assured and develop high self-esteem here are some tips that can help.

Tell them they can achieve anything

Having a positive attitude and telling young girls that they can achieve anything they put their mind to is much more of a confidence booster than telling them they can’t do something.  More often than not, if they shoot for the stars, they will reach them.

Never put down your body in front of her

If your daughter sees that you are unhappy with your body image, she may mirror that feeling herself.  Love your body no matter the shape and size and she will grow to love hers too.

Encourage them to play sports

Encourage your daughter to get outside and play sports rather than spending her spare time inside, addicted to social media.  Playing sports gives her an opportunity to overcome challenges and it also teaches her the positive effects that exercise has on her body.

Encourage them to solve problems on their own

Don’t be too quick to jump in and solve your daughter’s problems for her.  Work through the situation with her and get her to suggest ways of overcoming her problem.  Give her guidance but ultimately put the ball back in her court so she can solve it for herself.

Limit their exposure to social media when they are young

By restricting how much exposure young girls have to social media it forces them to use their own imagination and develop their own ideas.  There is also less chance of them being caught up cyberbullying and suffering from lack of sleep which can lead to other problems.

Compliment them and give them praise

Give your daughter praise for little achievements such as helping around the house, reading a book or drawing a picture and delegate age appropriate duties around the home that will make her feel like she is valuable.  Small tasks such as setting the table, feeding the dogs or ordering the takeaways over the phone gives her some responsibility and develops self-confidence.

Point out positive female role models

Teach young girls about female role models that they can look up to.  They could be famous actresses, politicians or even friends and family around you that possess the qualities you want your daughter to have.  Most importantly though, ensure that you are being a good role model for your daughter.  Remember – “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” ― James Baldwin

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By Karyn Miller

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