A Rare Pokémon Go Sighting Just Caused A MASSIVE Stampede

July 17, 2016

Everybody calm down…

In case you’ve been living under a rock this past few weeks, you have probably heard of a little app called Pokémon Go by now; a virtual reality game in which users have to hunt down, battle, and train virtual creatures who appear on their phone screens as though in the real world.

Unsurprisingly, it hasn’t taken long for people to start losing their minds over this game.

In the past few weeks, several people have risked death by going to extraordinary lengths to capture Pokémons, including swerving their cars off the side of the road, and more recently, two men fell off a cliff in Encinitas, California, while chasing a rare character.

Yep, it seems there’s almost nothing Pokémon Go addicts won’t do in order to catch all the game’s Pokémons. Including partaking in a mass middle-of-the-night stampede through Central Park to capture a particularly rare character.

Over the weekend, the hard-to-come-by Pokémon, Vaporeon (an evolution of the easier-to-find Eevee), was spotted in the popular park, causing massive hysteria. People were seen jumping from their cars and running toward the park in pursuit of Vaporeon as if it was Christmas day and naked Channing Tatum was handing out free puppies.

A passer-by who captured the mayhem on their video camera, said of the incident, “I didn’t catch the front of the pack that was sprinting into the park like a herd of wildebeest. Special shout out to the guy at the start of the video that jumped out of his car, left the engine running, and darted off to claim the grand prize.”

Watch and see for yourself. Is it just us, or has the world officially gone Pokémon cray-cray?

Video via Vimeo.com. 

Comment: Are you a Pokémon Go fan? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to catch a Pokémon?



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