Raunchy romance read As Bad As Can Be

July 8, 2003

from As Bad As Can Be By Kristin HardyThey stopped to kiss outside of the bar. Shay could hear the throb of the music through the walls, could feel the throb of sex running through his veins. Control was gone, he was saturated by desire.

In the dark of the back parking lot, urgency compelled him to drag her close and feast on her mouth. Now, now, now drummed insistently through his bloodstream. He straddled the motorbike and pulled on his gloves. Then Mallory melted into his arms.

?Don?t wait,? she whispered, ?here.?

He felt her hand unbuttoning the front of his shirt and slipping in to stroke his chest, pinch the nipples lightly. Then her other slid out to stroke his thighs, the heat of her fingers coming through the denim of his jeans.

A car rushed by out on the highway, but the parking lot was silent, everyone inside dancing to the band. Now, he thought. Nothing mattered but that he should silence this desire that was slowly driving him mad.

The hard, smooth planes of his chest, the parallel ridges of his abs quivered under her fingers. It was irresistible. She wanted to be licking them, tasting them, and lying against him skin to skin. She wanted to see him naked, then touch all of him.

Mallory could feel him shuddering against her fingers. Wondering what it would feel like to make love with him made a jolt of anticipation run through her. Knowing that his desire for her had brought them to this point was intoxicating. Soon, she thought, almost unable to breathe for the desire clogging her lungs. His arm wrapped around her to pull her close, onto the seat in front of him.

She?d thought about sex with him for nearly a week, teased him, goaded him, urged him on. Now, it seemed, his inhibitions were gone. She?d unleashed a different Shay, one driven by desire. Gone were any attempts to hold back. Instead he pushed her relentlessly, pushed them both. His hands were hard and urgent on her, his mouth demanding a response.

Mallory tangled her fingers in his hair and pressed his mouth harder against hers. Once, she?d aimed them toward this moment with a goal in mind. Now, the act itself was the only thing that mattered. Friction, pressure and heat fused together in one inextricable tangle of sensation, until her entire being focused on the connection of their lips.

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