Raunchy Romance Read –Red Shoes and a Diary (contd)

June 10, 2003

Passion built within her like a storm while she heaved beneath him, moaning and whimpering. She lifted her hips, crying out at the power of her climax.He slipped his palms under her, pulling her closer still and groaned his release.

Tremors rocked his body in the aftermath and the room filled with the sound of their laboured breathing. As she caught her breath, a sense of peace and contentment came over her. Eventually, Nick lifted his weight, rolling her with him until he lay under her on the tangled and sweaty bed sheet.

He removed the scarf from her eyes, drawing it over her head before dropping it to the floor. Meghan blinked against the light. Then his beautiful mouth caught her attention. After tracing the outline of those soft, full lips, She leaned down to give him a tender kiss.

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