Raunchy romance read Red Shoes and a diary (contd )

June 10, 2003

She brought her hands up to her breasts, kneading the soft flesh and pinching her nipples. Her skin felt hot beneath her fingers. She stroked her hands lower, letting them slide down over her body. Her fingers moved between her legs and she touched herself the way she wanted him to touch her.Nick growled deep in his chest, giving himself away. She laughed, low and throaty, realising she’d been right. The blindfold was supposed to put her at a disadvantage. Yet she’s managed to wrest control from him by indulging her true self.

In an instant, his hand covered hers, both guiding and encouraging her movements. She moaned when she felt his fingers delve inside her. The rush of trembling heat his touch created sent her hurtling toward release. Then Nick pulled both of their hands away, denying her satisfaction.

“Oh, please, I-”

She smelt the heady scent of a rose just before sensing the silky petals against her lips. Almost as soon as she felt it, he moved the bloom away. Then the velvety petals caressed her knee, her hand, her throat. Meghan quivered with impatience, not knowing where the rose would touch her next or when his fingers would replace it.

Nick trailed the flower over her shoulder and along her arm, then over her right breast. Her nipple puckered at the silky touch and excitement rippled in her belly as he took the other one in his mouth. She revelled in the feel of his lips and tongue and teeth against her sensitive flesh. Her body ached for him, for a different kind of touch. The rose, now warm from her heat, glided along her abdomen to the dewy flesh between her thighs.

He followed the flower’s path, leaving gentle, moist kisses in its wake. A guttural cry escaped her as she arched her hips to meet his mouth. His lips ravished her hungrily and she revelled in his expertise. Then he stopped again playing a game of exquisite torture.


“Shh. You’re not ready”

“Yes, I Am!”


Her belly quivered as rose petals fell like summer rain onto her bare skin. Then Nick covered her, surrounded her. The smell of sweat and shampoo mixed with the scent of the flowers. She spread her legs and wrapped her ankles behind his knees.

His penis lengthened, hard against her delicate flesh. She pressed her mouth to his throat, her hands gripping the hard muscles of this back. His heart pounded in rhythm with her own as his ragged breath warmed her face. Her body wept in preparation of his claiming her.

The sudden tensing of the muscles in his arms and thighs was her only warning before he plunged himself into her. His first thrust had her gasping. The next had her crying out his name. After that, she could only call on the supreme deity.

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