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Raunchy romance read Slippery When Wet

Raunchy romance read Slippery When Wet

Though the other parts of the house were chilly, the bathroom was warm and damp with steam. Shower curtains hanging from a metal ring shrouded the claw foot tub. ?Can you spare a cup of water, neighbour?? Taylor slipped her hands in the seam where the curtain met and stepped in.Dev pulled her against him.?Mmmm. Naked, wet. We need to start meeting like this more often.?

Giddy joy surged through her. This man, this beautiful, wonderful man, was her lover, her love. The stream of water had stripped his hair back from his face, letting her admire the carved out cheekbones, the taut line of the jaw, that enticing cleft in his chin, and his eyes, deep set, glowing green, casting their spell on her.

?And do you need to clean up after a hard day?s work?? he murmured, leaning close to her.

?Well, if you can spare a little soap.?

Slick with suds, his hands slid over her body, running over her breasts until her nipples swelled. ?I don?t know,? he said, holding up his dwindling soap on a rope. ?There isn?t too much here. Maybe we should reuse it.? He pulled her against him and slid up and down her body. She could feel him stiffening against her.

?I?m all for recycling,? she said breathlessly, then gasped as his slippery fingers trailed down her hip and up her thighs to unerringly find that place where she didn?t need soap or water to be wet, slick and achingly sensitive.

Dev turned her back into the hot stream of water so that it sluiced over her shoulders and back. Taylor groped for the soap, but it slipped through her fingers before she could get a grip on it, tumbling onto the bottom of the tub.

?I?ll get it,? Dev said and crouched down, reaching through her legs and behind her even as he kissed her thighs. Taylor felt the warmth of his lips move up as his fingers traced the back of her calves, then spiralled higher, the soap in his hand making a tantalising trail. She shivered at the feel of his tongue licking at the indentation where her thigh met her flat belly. For a whirling moment, he nuzzled at her, pressing her legs apart as she struggled for balance, clutching at his shoulders.

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