Raunchy Romance Read The Boy Toy

May 13, 2003

From The Boy Toy by Eugenia RileyHis hands slid boldly up her stockinged thighs, until he had hiked her skirt high above her waist. Allison writhed with flagrant suggestiveness.

Expression intense, Pete was staring down at her hips and legs clad in sheer lacy panties, sexy black garter belt and stockings. When he touched her bare inner thigh she arched against him wantonly. “You’re not taking off that garter belt, woman.” He touched her mound through her bikinis and she cried out softly. “I want to see all of that hot black lace as I drive into you.” He tugged at the wispy fabric of her crotch. “But it’ll be a damn shame to rip off these pretty panties.”

His provocative words made her burn. Allison boldly met his gaze, catching his hand and pulling his fingers into her cleft. “No need to,” she informed him.

“Oh sugar!” The look of mingled surprise and naked desire that crossed his face rocked Allison’s world. Eagerly Pete explored her with his fingers, grinning as he found the secret crotch panel that parted in the middle. He whistled. “Why, Ms. Tracy. So businesslike on the outside. But under all that starch, a secret fetish for naughty underwear, eh?”

“Yeah, cowboy, you’ve got my number,” she purred.

He parted the panel wider with steady fingers, making her go deliciously achy inside, leaving her feeling exquisitely vulnerable to him.

His beautiful features grew fierce with desire. “What’s your secret fantasy, Allison?” he rasped. “That a man will see you like this and want you so bad, he won’t be able to wait to tear these panties off you?”

“Yes, oh yes. Don’t wait.” She threw her trembling arms around his neck.

He eased his body downward. “But no man worth his salt would deny himself this pleasure first.”

Even as she wondered what carnal torture he had in mind, he parted the panel wider, and her feminine folds. Then he touched her with his tongue only. In just the right place.

Allison screamed, her hips coming up off the couch. She was so aroused, so tormented, that the sensations streaming through her put her in a panic.

He chuckled. “Easy honey, I just want to get you ready.”

She squirmed. “I-I’m ready. So ready.”

He was undeterred. “Lie still or I’m going to whack that pretty fanny of yours.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, yes I would. I said lie still.”

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