Raunchy Romance Read The Diva Diaries Cont)

April 8, 2003

The groan tightened his body, and even as he cursed himself for his lack of control, something inside cried out with aching clarity – she was so exquisitely right for him, it was criminal. She fit to him like a perfectly fashioned suit, like a glove fit a hand. Like a woman was supposed to fit a man.He had no idea what he wanted from her except to bury himself in her so deeply he would be lost. He didn’t know why he was so attracted to her, why only she could ignite these primal urges.

The more he kissed her, the more he wanted. The need careened around inside him until he growled deep in his throat and pushed her down into the pile of hay.

He slid his hips against her slim ones, while he softened the kiss to woo rather than to conquer.

It was Sam’s undoing when her mouth moved over his in such obvious worship, like a woman paying homage to something beyond her comprehension, something so enchanting and captivating that it defied human understanding. He felt the strength of her arousal and moved against her with an abandon that startled him.

When Sam kissed her, he sensed an innocence, as if she hadn’t been kissed like this before, had never felt this twisting passion that was eating him up. As if she were untried. It couldn’t be possible, as he felt her melt into him and her reaction shattered every other thought apart like glass splintering into tiny crystal shards.

She sighed against his mouth as the wet heat of his tongue came up against her parted lips, which she opened eagerly. She moaned as his tongue explored her mouth possessively, expertly, running it around the silky sweetness, moaning more when her tongue entwined with his, stroking, tasting begging for more, much more. Her scent was intoxicating, very feminine, and very seductive.

“Now, Sam.” He planted his palms on either side of her and plunged into her with deep, uncontrollable thrusts. He had no finesse left, no self-control. It was raw, base and wild. She started to come before he bottomed out. He felt her contracting around him, heard her breathy gasps spiralling several octaves higher and pure satisfaction exploded through him. Holding himself deep even as the need to climax beat at him, he ground against her as he felt her climax go on and on and on. All he knew for certain was the feel of her coming apart beneath him was the biggest turn-on he’d ever felt.

When her orgasm tapered off, he began to pump steadily in smooth, hard stroke’s Jenna wrapped her legs around his hips and moved in concert with him and he sucked in a breath.

He thrust two, three, four times and came in a blinding, clenching, white-hot pulsation after pulsation.

Moments later, shuddering with satisfaction, he eased down on top of her. He held her to him and rolled to his side, filled with a ferocious possessiveness.


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