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The Raw Till 4 Diet: Would You Try It?

The Raw Till 4 Diet: Would You Try It?

The Raw Till 4 Diet: Would You Try It?

Have you ever heard of a diet which allows you to each endless amount of fresh fruit, and requires little to no exercise? These are some of the main objectives of the Raw Till 4 Diet.

Created by controversial YouTuber Freelee The Banana Girl, the concept is quite simple; a mainly vegan eating plan which encourages the consumption of raw fruit, vegetables, but with absolutely no animal fat.

But how does this diet actually work, and are there any long-term risks associated to it?

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What does Raw Till 4 mean?

The controversial diet involves eating as much (or as little) raw fruits and vegetables as you can until 4pm. Once 4pm hits, you can then continue cooking healthy foods such as gluten-free pasta, healthy grains, and also vegetables.

Are there any side effects?

If you’re coming from a high-fat, high-carbohydrate diet which has also relied on refined sugar for an extended period of time, then of course the transition will be difficult for you – at first! As with any diet, you must be familiar with what is permitted in the eating plan, and nourish your body with raw fruit and vegetables instead.

Some side effects can include mood swings, general fatigue such as headaches and migraines (from coming off the refined sugar). It should be treated as a detox – your body is riding itself from high levels of sugar and other nasties such as processed fats. If you are experiencing anything severe, consult your general practitioner.

What can you eat?

Since this is not a very flexible eating plan (from a beginners perspective), there are some very clear rules about what you can, and cannot incorporate into your diet. Since men require 3000 calories, and women about 2500, this means that you’re constantly filling your body with raw fruits and vegetables.

No animal products, no fruit after dinner, unlimited calories at every meal, and remember to have at least 4L of water each day to flush any toxins out of your system.

Where is my protein coming from?

Since this is a mostly raw vegan diet, the consumption of any type of animal products are strictly prohibited. You can however, receive your protein intake from vegetables such as spinach which contain high quantities from just one cup. Bananas, watermelons and other vegetables are also a great source of protein which won’t weight your body down.

Would you try the Raw Till 4 diet?

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