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June 29, 2010


Make some time in your busy schedule for a domestic spring clean. You might find it necessary to bring some work home with you, if you need a reason to clean up. The last thing you need is crayon scribbled all over your work papers, or worse, someone using them to wrap up the kitchen scraps. Such a mishap could occur if you don’t get organised.


The evening star illuminates your love zone with the ritual of romance. Passionate Mars joins Venus which gets your creative juices flowing too. Plans are coming together beautifully and while a hectic time is slated for later in the year, the forecast is for smooth sailing and fair weather. You might be surprised when your imagination sets you dreaming about the longer term.


The July 12 solar eclipse in your money zone helps you see your finances in a new light. This will also impact on your priorities, which could now irrevocably and suddenly change. Some things you thought were vital are no longer as imperative. To decide which option is best to follow, set your sights on objectives which give a high value return.


The solar eclipse in your sign sees you embarking on a new journey which has a detour sign pointing towards a romantic rendezvous. Your intuition is your compass that will guide you along the right path. Whatever your current circumstances you are heading towards professional excellence with love and support from others. Don’t settle for anything less. Success and happiness are only a small step away.


Jupiter and Uranus are asking you to take a new approach. How wonderful everything would be if only you could find a firm footing. But the sand seems to be shifting beneath your feet. Times are changing and this is one of those times when they change quickly. Paradoxically, making lasting changes takes more time. Be patient and make contingency arrangements for unforseen events.


Mars continues to give you a mid-year energy boost plus you can get lots of work done without interruption. That being said, Venus ensures that life is rich and enjoyable while boosting your self esteem and your bank balance. Take time off for a beauty treatment and some retail therapy. You’ll have extra cash to spend when an unexpected opportunity comes your way.


You might feel like a hermit crab waiting for favourable tidal conditions. Sometimes you feel guilty when you say, ‘No,’ but if you are really honest about how you feel, then there shouldn’t be an issue. The problem is that another part of you wants to say ‘Yes’. With so much happening your emotions may continue to fluctuate if you don’t take time to focus on your real needs.


With both Mars and Pluto in earth signs, you will have at least one, if not several special invitations or offers to consider. While much is still in transition, you’ll be able to count on the support of a new ally. Reliable earthy friends, old and new, are just what you need. Conditions are perfect for a heart-to-heart. Take it from there and see where things lead.


In some respects you might have an odd feeling of déjà vu and indeed you really could be doing the same thing you did not so long ago. But the reality is you have come a very long way in a short period of time, and although you may have to repeat one or two jobs or tasks, you are much closer to your destination than you were this time last year.


Relationships are up for review plus new professional contracts can be made under this month’s eclipse too. When Saturn re-enters Libra on the 22nd make time to assess the merit of existing ties and professional commitments. This is a good time to make a clean break. Minimise time consuming obligations that have been holding you back and delegate some responsibilities.


The solar eclipse focuses your attention on a new project. An exciting idea is seeded and has you wondering why you never thought of it before. Thus energised, like the Duracell bunny, you will be happily hopping all over the place in your excitement. To avoid burning all your energy reserves at once, don’t overdo the enthusiasm. Pace yourself and develop a plan. There is a long way to go.


Something promised may be deferred, or delayed. This could be a blessing in disguise because financial resources, energy reserves or confidence may be lacking. This is one time when procrastinating may actually be helpful! Mars will add zest to your love life and offer much needed encouragement, though tension could escalate if you or your lover is not being completely honest.

Michele Finey is the author of “Secrets of the Zodiac: An In-Depth Guide To Your Talents, Challenges, Personality and Potential” which was recently published by Allen and Unwin. She can be contacted via her website at

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