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June 1, 2010


Now’s the time to think BIG! Luck is with you. Taking risks will pay off, but with so much adrenaline pumping through your veins and extra blood rushing to your head, you could overshoot the runway. Be practical. Small oversights could cause BIG disruptions if you are not aware of their importance.


While others are rushing ahead, you prefer to take a more cautious, ‘wait and see’ approach. The pace may be full throttle right now, but don’t be fooled. In the longer term scheme of things you will come out on top if you maintain a steady, regular pace. It also means you can focus on important standards that others are likely to let lapse.


The New Moon on the 12th has you overflowing with creative ideas. Many options are available and more than one idea may produce fruit. Achieving substantial results may depend on your living situation. Like seeds, your new ideas need fertile soil in order to grow. Weed out any disruptions or distractions.


Late June there is a partial, but powerful lunar eclipse. This is a cosmic signal to let go of negative thinking or any emotional ties to the past which have been holding you back. A good old fashioned cry may be just what you need. Distance yourself from those who revert to emotional blackmail to get their own way. Listen to encouragement, not criticism.


Venus shines for you mid month and you will enjoy being in the limelight. A mixed and varied month is in store in other respects, trying to get a firm footing may prove challenging and trying to get your point across may be tricky. Wait til after the lunar eclipse on the 26th before putting your foot down because circumstances may change.


There is a lot of work to do and luckily Mars will help you get underway from the 8th. Your methodical approach will help you to see both the trees and the forest at the same time, though you should try to schedule time away from all this forestry work, and spend time in the winter sunshine, rather than hiding beneath the undergrowth.


The lunar eclipse on the 26th will shed light on something that needs attention. It may be up to you to point out an important matter that needs to be addressed. In order to be heard you may have to speak a little louder, perhaps even shout, and you could even blow a fuse! Even if you have to exaggerate this will achieve the desired result, for then there will be no choice but to fix things properly.


Someone close has no idea what they are talking about, but it might be difficult to get them to shut up. This is not the time for a confidential discussion, for the cat will surely be let out of the bag and start howling in the middle of the night for all to hear. Keep your private life private, as usual, and don’t bother trying to explain your reasoning or motives to others, for they just won’t get it.


Romance and travel both feature this month so try planning a romantic getaway. In fact this urge to get away from it all might really be a desire for some peace and quiet, which is best found at home. However you manage it, a break from the hectic pace is what you need. This will also give you an opportunity to plan the next instalment.


The most surprising events will come to pass so be careful what you wish for. Luck is with you, and opportunities are numerous. A major turning point or decision is looming, but you may have to act quickly, so don’t waste a second procrastinating. Don’t worry if you have to let go without a safety net. Be fearless.


Nobody understands change better than you. You have probably been expecting these developments for a while, and you may want to say, “I told you so,” but that will only get others offside, and you will need their help in coming months. Bide your time til others catch on. Eventually you will be recognised for your foresight.


The Gemini New Moon highlights your family and home life. Changes in this area are indicated. Living circumstances may change or new family responsibilities may necessitate a domestic shake up. This is an excellent time to de-clutter and get rid of anything past its use by date. Now is the time to lay a secure foundation for the coming 12 months.

Michele Finey is the author of “Secrets of the Zodiac: An In-Depth Guide To Your Talents, Challenges, Personality and Potential” which was recently published by Allen and Unwin. She can be contacted via her website at www.celestialinsight.com.au

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