Reader review: Max Factor Lipfinity

February 15, 2010

Does the famous Max Factor Lipfinity colour really last and last? One SheSaid reader puts it to the test.

“Max Factor’s ‘Lipfinity’, $29.95, has been on the market for a few years now, and it’s safe to say that it’s staying power in the fickle market of cosmetics is no fluke.

“Staying power” being the operative phrase. It’s a product that you presume will fall under the ‘Too Good To Be True’ category. Come on! Linda Evangelista just kissed her hand and there’s no trace?! Fake, it has to be fake. But unlike those forever ageless / all day moisture / eleventy billion lashes-type claims, this product actually does what it says it will. Last. And last, and last and last…

I tried ‘Spicy’ – a warm, almost auburn shade with a hint of glint, perfect for the office, or places more fun than the office. The actual lip ‘base’ colour comes with a small tapered brush for applying, with the gloss in a seperate stick.

With a steady hand (and that’s important – once this stuff goes on, it’s not coming off, without make up remover anyway), you paint your lips, taking care not to escape over the lip line. Yeah yeah yeah, we all know how to apply lip colour, but you’d be surprised how the pressure of permanant lip colour can unnerve even the most seasoned cosmetics junkie.

The base coat is on – and looks even. IMPORTANT!! Don’t purse, don’t smack, don’t do ANYTHING with your lips for at least a minute while the paint literally dries. Kind of sounds like you’re painting a house, right? And that ‘paint’ doesn’t sound very moisturising, frankly. Well that’s where the gloss comes in. You can apply it as often as you like, and it does amazing things for the colour. Gorgeous and shiny, in fact it is a perfectly good lip gloss without the base colour. Moisture returns!

Max Factor claims that along with being a cat-walk favourite, Lipfinity has lasting power matched by no other. Sure, most lipsticks last, if you don’t eat, drink, talk, kiss, eat, breath, etc. So, does it pass the test? The answer is yes – to all those activities and more. No imprints on coffee mugs. No embarrassing teeth traces. No lipstick on collars to be found. I even vigourously kissed my hand, and Linda wasn’t the only one wowed by this product’s staying power.

I would definitely recommend Lipfinity, and will even be using it on my wedding day in a couple of months, confident my new husband will be kissing his bride, without the pink souveniers for later.”

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