6 Tips for Surviving in Recession

July 4, 2001

You’ve probably read about the increase in job losses in the paper. You’ve heard Beazley and Howard state their cases on how they will improve the high un-employment rate in Australia at the moment. Or you have unfortunately lost your job yourself. Any of these do make you question the security of your career right now. It is time to protect your paycheck and do it before it’s too late.

Here are some tips from the pros on how to keep it safe in the office and keep you out of recession doom and gloom.

  1. Learn to do as many tasks as possible. Become indispensable so your job description becomes all encompassing that all departments feel they do need you. Career counsellors advise you to focus on duties that will benefit your company. If you are used to working solo then become a team player.
  2. This is a hard one but every bank manager says you should put a little away every week just in case. In the present climate it is important to have at least three months living expenses in a just-in-case fund. This will tie you over while you look for your next job.
  3. If you feel your current position is a little unstable then start sowing the seed. Put your name down at recruitment companies. Do the networking bit and see if any of your current contacts have positions. Of course do this discreetly. Councillors recommend you keep a book handy that is filled with all the relevant contacts should the worst happen.
  4. Don’t always leave your job once you are let go. See if you can go part-time or work from home for them at a lower rate this will help you work out what you need to be paid and get resumes etc.
  5. Get some additional qualifications. There are plenty of part-time courses out there which will help you change your career path if the need arises. For example learn about finance and investing or get your typing up to speed finally.
  6. Career councillors advise you to have a positive attitude even in the down times. Never put your company down or knock your boss.

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