Record Divorce Settlements (con’t)

October 12, 2004

Record Divorce Settlements (con’t)

Aah the eighties
Amy Irving proved it’s never a good idea for a man as rich as Steven Spielberg to lowball a spurned woman. She was a struggling actress in the ?70s when she shot to stardom playing teen survivor in Carrie. She met Spielberg when he was the new hit director in Hollywood. The pair wed in 1985 however when their relationship deteriorated in 1989 and lawyers waved around a prenuptial agreement as the Jaws director was leaving Irving for actress Kate Capshaw, an angry Amy bit back hard. Her lawyer got the agreement tossed, and she landed $100 million.

Michael before Catherine
Diandra Douglas got about $60 million from Oscar-winner Michael in one of the most bitter divorces in Hollywood history. She also branded him a sex-hungry philanderer who cheated on her throughout their 18-year marriage. Jokes about the Falling Down star and sexual addiction still surface long after he spent time in an Arizona clinic.

Rupert and new wife Wendy
Rupert Murdoch is one of the richest men in the world after developing a worldwide media empire from his father?s Australian newspaper in 1952. In the sixties, he married Anna and the pair were together for 32 years. They split in 1998 but as soon as Rupert forced Anna off the News Corp board, the claws came out. The divorce was finalised when Rupert gave his wife $1.7 billion worth of assets, $110 million in cash. It only took him 17 days to marry one of his employees, Wendi Deng.

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