Record Divorce Settlements

October 12, 2004

Record Divorce Settlements

Don’t get mad… get even!
Ivana Trump made herself America’s ’80s icon of betrayed love with the battle cry, “Don’t get mad ? get everything.” And she did her best to live up to it, collecting $25 million in her divorce from Donald Trump. Then she went on to forge new careers as a businesswoman and writer that helped her add to the sweet taste of her revenge. She came out with a kiss-and-tell novel that made The Donald want to duck ? right about the time his relationship with Ivana’s romantic successor, Marla Maples, went kaput.

Adnan more recently
It’s hard to top arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi’s and ex-wife Soraya?s divorce settlement made in 1982. He married her in 1961 and was once thought to be the richest man in the world. They enjoyed a jet setting lifestyle and both had a string of adulterous affairs, however the cracks were showing when they divorced in 1982. His fortunate wife managed to net her an estimated $1 billion through an out of court settlement, although numbers very according to sources.

Jack Welch
Former General Electric CEO and American business hero Jack Welch learned the hard way money’s not the only cost to dumping your wife for a younger woman. During his tenure of General Electric, he enjoyed the use of a plane and a Central Park apartment. In addition, the firm paid Welch’s food and wine bills, looked after his laundry and ensured he was never short of flowers or Boston Red Sox baseball tickets. Jane Welch took Jack for a payout believed to be in the hundreds of millions, but also bagged the 67-year-old industry lion’s spotless reputation. She laid bare Welch’s plush retirement package, including his $80,000-a-month Central Park condo. Welch gave up most of the benefits and paid back GE to save his good name.

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