10 Ways to Recycle Makeup Items

March 14, 2002

Why is it whenever we think of ‘out with the old, in with the new’, we think of cleaning our house? Well, don’t just stop there. Do a cleaning out of sorts with your makeup kit as well. But if you’re like me, I have a hard time throwing makeup items away, no matter how useless I think they are. So instead, I go through my makeup items, and come up with the new and improved, recycled version.Here are some new ways to recycle makeup items that are really close to getting tossed.

Recycled Makeup

  1. Blush Sticks:

    too dark? don’t stay on? don’t stain? Don’t toss them… If it’s a bronzer stick, use on shoulders or legs to add contour, color and depth. If it’s a burgandy stain and it’s not working for you, use instead as a really big lipstick. It does work.

  2. Crumbled eyeshadow:

    Put in a little tin or plastic container and mix in a dab of your favorite lipgloss or lip balm. Mix together for a cool lipgloss (if the color works) or use as a new glossy eyeshadow/highlight.

  3. Outdated lipstick:

    Use as a ‘cream blush’ stick instead. Or go through your old lip pencils that haven’t been used in years and see which lip pencil/lipstick combination looks updated and hip and use it up. Rubber band them together so you’ll remember which one worked with what color.

  4. Bronzer Tint:

    Itching to use that bronzer stain before summer? Use instead as ‘eyeshadow’. Apply a light shimmer eyeshadow to highlight the bone and eyelid, and apply your bronzer in the crease with a fingertip or a small eyeshadow brush…it’s a great new contoured look.

  5. The wrong shade foundation / concealer:

    A hot look you’re seeing on celebrities is the faded into the skin lip color. (I.E. Have you checked out Jennifer Lopez’s lips lately?) Have a too light foundation or concealer that’s ready to go? Don’t. Use it on lips with a glossy clear gloss on top…..viola. A brand new look. .

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