Red Carpet Hair

September 2, 2010

Red Carpet Hair

Emily Blunt’s beautiful soft waves

Emily’s long-time stylish Laini Reeves explains how to get the look:

Emily’s hair was shampooed with Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair shampoo, leaving it
soft, shiny and well-conditioned for the intricacies of styling.

A cocktail of Moroccanoil® Intense Curl Cream and original Moroccanoil® Treatment Oil
was blended and worked from the middle to ends of the hair, to control ends and fly-
away’s and provide a natural-looking, soft hold.

A low side-part was made on the right, and hair was pin-curled in alternating patterns
towards the left, and behind the right side. Pin-curls were made in the classic way
pinning three alternate rows of pin-curls (anti-clockwise/clockwise/anti-clockwise).
Emily¹s Dior gown had a beautiful beaded accent on the right shoulder and the hair
was placed behind this ear to accentuate the design.

Moroccanoil® Glimmer Shine Spray was misted on wet hair and left to dry naturally for
one hour. A hairdryer was not used so the waves would look softer yet controlled when
they were brushed.

Once hair had air-dried, the pin-curls were released and fingers were raked through
the hair. A panel brush was used, to keep hair flat to the head, so it wouldn¹t disturb
the root movement of the wave and gently brushed from part to ends so hair fell into a
lovely wave.

Finally, the look was shaped and styled. The left side of Emily¹s face was framed with a
cascade of waves and secured with a hidden hair pin to hold in place.

A diamond accessory was placed in the hair above the right ear. (Reeves used two
bobby pins, clipped in an earring, and sewed it in with silver thread).

The look was finished with a light mist of Moroccanoil® Luminous Hair Spray, to give the
hair a beautiful hold without compromising on softness, movement or shine.

Christina Hendricks’ relaxed tousled curl

Barney Martin, Pantene’s Expert Hair Stylist explains how to recreate Christina’s romantic look.

1. Wash your hair with Pantene’s Hydrating Curls shampoo and conditioner to lightly condition and prepare your locks.

2. Apply Pantene’s Curl Defining Mousse from mid lengths to ends of your hair and scrunch lightly. Dry with a diffuser to encourage body and volume.

3. Using a large barrelled tong curl different width sections at a time until all the whole head is done.

4. Turn your head upside-down and lightly run your fingers through the curls to loosen them

5. When your curls are slightly dishevelled and relaxed, mist with Pantene’s Body Builder Hairspray to hold them in place perfectly.

6. TIP: spray hairspray onto a tissue and sweep across the top to hold down any flyaways.

Toni Collette and Claire Dane’s big, bouncy curls

Cloud Nine Creative Director, Dimitri Fronis, says curls and movement are back and easy to achieve with TheO – heated soft-grip rollers.

For curls and movement like Toni’s, opt for the smaller sized 20mm or 30mm Cloud Nine rollers. For greater body with softer movement like Claire’s, opt for the bigger sized rollers – 40mm, 50mm or 60mm.

Quick tip: The trick to increased volume and height when applying the Cloud Nine roller is to over-direct the section when rolling it in. To do this, place the roller at the base of your section, sliding and directing it upwards and slightly forward. When the roller reaches the ends, secure hair with your fingers and roll it downwards towards the scalp, ensuring hair is tightly wound into place. The roller should sit on top of the section, and as its soft grip, pins aren’t essential to hold it in place.

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