Rock The Red Eyeliner Trend And These 6 Other Surprising J-Beauty Faves

October 15, 2018

Venture beyond K-beauty with Japanese beauty products that never fail to surprise. 

Korean beauty, or K-beauty, has brought us seemingly unattainable trends such as the porcelain-like complexion known as glass skin and it’s beauty companion, glass hair (hair that’s cut with an edge and made to look as shiny and smooth as glass). Now make room for Japanese beauty (J-beauty), a subtly different approach to skincare and cosmetics.

J-beauty doesn’t need to replace your fave K-beauty trends. The products can coexist peacefully on your makeup shelf. because they’re not in opposition — like K-beauty, J-beauty emphasizes healthy, hydrated skin (just in keep in mind that healthy skin and nails start with a healthy diet). The signature J-beauty touches are perhaps more understated than K-beauty staples, but just as innovative. We’re talking the all-encompassing shape of a mascara wand and the plumping shine of a vivid lip tint. From using yellow to combat uneven skin and discoloration, to washing your face with cleansing oil, these seven surprising Japanese products have become fan faves.

Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Makeup Color Base, $55

Start your makeup routine with this tinted primer, which goes on smoothly and evenly. Fans favor the yellow shade because of its almost magical power to diffuse and even out your skin tone.

Buy it here.

Shiseido Kajal InkArtist in Azuki Red, $25

Colorful eyes are already on-trend, but if you’re gonna dare to do red eyeliner, you should go for it the J-beauty way — that is, with this versatile, 4-in-1 liner from Shiseido.

Buy it here.

Suqqu Pure Colour Blush, $72

There’s no reason that the ongoing ombré obsession shouldn’t extend to our blush palette. The price tag of this one from Suqqu is hefty. But that vivid, gradating color? Priceless. (Tsubomizaki is pictured, above.)

Buy it here.

Fairydrops Quattro Mascara, $10.50

It’s true that I immediately loved this brand solely because of its name (Fairydrops!) but the world loves this mascara because of its curled bobble wand (curled bobble!) and the way it provides lush and glossy coverage for every lash.

Buy it here.

Decorté Eye Glow Gem, $27

Kate Moss is the face of the wildly popular Decorté brand, which boasts a line of bestselling products like their Eye Glow Gem. This eyeshadow is aptly named — a moist, creamy, jewel-like substance that comes in an array of shades including nudes and neutrals as well as colors like blue and burgundy.

Buy it here.

Opera Tint Oil Rouge Lip Tint, $37

What with J-beauty’s emphasis on skincare, you know that Lip Tint by Opera is going to be oil-based and moisturizing while providing vivid shine and color.

Buy it here.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, $14

Your makeup has to come off somehow, and there’s no better way than this beloved cleansing oil from DHC that handily removes cosmetics and the grime of the day while at the same time leaving your skin feeling moist and super-soft.

Buy it here.

Comment: Which J-beauty product are you most excited to try? 

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