Register4: Australia’s First National Online Research Register

November 15, 2010

National Breast Cancer Foundation Launches Register4: Australia’s First National Online Research Register

The National Breast Cancer Foundation has launched Register4, Australia’s first national online research register.

All Australians aged 18 and over, with or without a breast cancer diagnosis are encouraged to join.

Participants are required to provide basic information about themselves and their lifestyle. They will then be emailed about each new research project that they may be eligible to participate in.

The choice to participate is entirely up to the individual and projects will vary from completing a simple questionnaire to something more involved such as joining an exercise study, providing a sample of blood, urine, saliva or breast tissue.

Researchers will publish the results of their projects on the website, giving the community full visibility to the research process and importantly, the outcomes. Register4 will be an important resource for breast cancer, providing information about risk factors, prevention, common myths and more. For the first time Register4 provides the community with an opportunity to make a contribution to breast cancer research personally, rather than financially.

The idea for Register4 came out of one of the main challenges facing the research sector in Australia today. It is often difficult, time consuming and expensive for researchers to find the right people to participate in their work, in large enough numbers. The result is that research is often delayed. Register4 will speed up the research process by improving access to willing participants.

“Globally, we estimate there could be a 50% increase in the incidence of, and mortality from, breast cancer between 2002 and 2020. In 2010, new breast cancer diagnoses will reach 1.5 million,” says Sue Carrick Head of Research Strategy at the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

“Importantly, people without a breast cancer diagnosis are also needed for Register4. Researchers need to examine normal tissue and cell function to be able to better understand how breast cancer begins and changes.”

Register4 will begin with a focus on breast cancer, however over time, it is anticipated that it will eventually answer questions for a range of health issues such as prostate cancer, diabetes and mental health.

Register now at www.register4.org.au.

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