Rekindled love: which celeb couples are back together?

June 21, 2005

Rekindled love: which celeb couples are back together?

Looking cute as ever
Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst seem to be enjoying their own reconciliation in their home town of LA. The pair split after sharing a 2 year romance a house and a dog together but have been recently seen shopping in Beverly Hills and partying together at the MTV Movie Awards. Plus earlier last week they were seen at a concert together. Reports are still abounding that their break-up was a ruse to distract media from their impending nuptials. Didn?t work though.

Orlando and Kate all grown up
Orlando Bloom wasn?t able to remain apart from Kate Bosworth any longer. The 28-year-old spunk flew into Sydney last week to visit his ex-girlfriend with the hidden intention of “rekindling his love affair”. Kate is in Australia filming the role of Lois Lane in Superman Returns. According to the London Mirror, “Orlando can’t stay away from Kate. They’ve tried to be apart but it’s impossible when you are as in love as they are. He’s determined to woo her back.” And woo her he did. Almost immediately she dumped her recent beau, model Lundi Shackleton and accepted the Lord of the Rings star back with open arms. A reunion wasn?t a huge surprise though. Around the time Orlando was reportedly dating MTV?s Vanessa Minnillo, he was still admitting to reporters that he and Kate are ?very close. We thought, just for this year, we’d give each other some time to do some growing.” Guess they?re all grown up then.

We didn?t do it! Bennifer not yet hitched
US tabloids were in overdrive on the weekend with rumours of an impending wedding between Ben Affleck and his pregnant fianc?e Jennifer Garner. Daily News reported that Jen had ordered flowers for herself and her six bridesmaids ? ivory Virginia roses, Casablanca lilies and gardenia according to the florist. Apparently they have chosen the five-star Greenbrier in Jennifer?s home town of Charlston, West Virginia and at least two of her friends have been spotted around the town. But despite the specific details, the supposed wedding is all a hoax, according to Ben?s publicist Ken Sunshine. The florist has been accused as a liar, Ken saying “The guy got more publicity than ever in his life. [Ben and Jen] are not in West Virginia,” he insisted. “They did not get married yesterday. They did not get married today.” Not surprisingly, the effusive florist isn?t answering his phone.

Tom chose Katie’s new best friend
Leo attacked by fan

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