Relationship Advice From Our Favourite Rom-Coms

February 17, 2014

Let’s face it, most of us have grown up on boy-meets-girl, boy and girl fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Pretty Woman and pretty much anything with Katherine Heigl have a lot to answer for. But after a marathon weekend binge-watching our favourite chick flicks, we’ve discovered some pretty fantastic relationship advice that rings true for real-life love.

Stop being needy (He’s Just Not That Into You)

Swooning over that guy who only texts you at 2am on a Saturday night is so not worth it. Save your wonderfulness for the guy who isn’t afraid to show you he’s into you.

He’s Just Not That Into You sheds light on those dark days in a single girl’s life when self-doubt and insecurity somehow trump our ability to be strong, confident women.

You deserve better (Bridget Jones’ Diary)

There’ s a little Bridget in all of us. Constantly trying to lose weight, quit smoking and meet Mr. Right, Bridget is a rom-com idol. Yet when she falls for her dashing boss, unable to see his cheating ways until it’s too late, Bridget goes through a pretty rough patch involving more than one tear-fest and a serious amount of booze.

Luckily, she comes out triumphant, reminding women everywhere that we all deserve better. By the end of this rom-com, our Bridge is famous, has a classy new job and a handsome, successful and honest lawyer boyfriend who loves her “just the way she is.”

Live your own life (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Toula, a hard-working family girl in her 30’s has hit a rough patch. She still lives with her parents and works for them at their Greek restaurant. Suddenly, she decides to amp her life up, and everything takes a major turn for the better.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding reminds us to live our own lives – don’t blindly do what your parents want you to do, or follow your friends’ relationship advice. Listen and respect their advice, but go for what you want out of life and let your individual beauty shine bright.

Men and women can be friends – and lovers (When Harry Met Sally)
Forget Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus, Harry and Sally taught the world that men and women can really be “just friends” – and more.

When Harry Met Sally is about more than just a couple of friends becoming lovers. It’s the tale of opening up to another human being and remembering that sometimes the person we need most has been right in front of us the whole time.

What’s your favourite rom-com of all time?

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