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Relationship advice: He treats me badly but I still go back!

Relationship advice: He treats me badly but I still go back!

Relationship advice: He treats me badly but I still go back!

Question: My boyfriend and I are good together and are really happy when were not fighting. That?s not often as we mostly fight and we have broke up so many times but only for one night most of the time. We have only been together for 6 months and I really love him. He was my first love and I really want to be with him but he lies a lot. The last time we broke up he dumped me, we broke up for a week but he didn?t give me a reason. For that whole week he stayed at my best friend?s home and she was being a real cow to me (but nice as well) and laughing at me because I still loved him. They both ignored me then when he went back home, another one of my friends stayed at his house all the time. He then came back to me, but it wasn?t right as he was being really weird. I found out that he and my best friend slept together but both denied it to me and he and the other girl kissed. He told me that it didn?t last long when he slept with my friend but I can?t help think he is lying because everyone else is telling me different things about what happened. I?m finding it really hard to deal with but I love him so much and want to be with him so much.
Please help me; I?m desperate

Answer: If everything you?ve written is true, you need to find new friends as well as a new boyfriend. If you let someone treat you badly and keep making excuses for them, you have no one to blame but yourself. Grow up and get over him. You don?t love him; you have become dependant on him. The longer you hold out hope that things will change, the more he will hurt you. Stop returning his calls, change your phone number and re-invent yourself by doing some personal development courses to increase your self esteem, your confidence and your ability to recognise people who you can have healthy relationships with rather than the ragtag bunch of losers you are hanging out with now.

By Michelle Lewis

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