Relationship Advice for a Healthy Marriage

December 11, 2013

The movies make dating and love look easy. Two people meet, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Really?

Whether you’re dating someone, engaged to your partner or married, you’ll come across common problems every day of the week. These problems can leave you feeling stressed out and confused about the state of your relationship, and wondering what the point of it all is. Before you decide to yell and scream, or pull the plug and end things, read on for some relationship advice for the common problems that plague couples.

Lack of communication
A lack of communication is one of the common problems facing couples of all ages. At the beginning of your relationship, you’re busy getting to know each other, and you can’t stop sharing with each other. But as the months and years go by, you find yourself with less to say to each other. And these days, we tend to think we can can send an email, shoot a quick text message or chat online instead of actually talking. It’s not the same thing.

When you and your partner reach the point where you rarely talk to each other, it’s time to stop and reevaluate things. Find simple things that you can talk about with each other, including how you spent the day, what you’re looking forward to doing on the weekend, or something interesting you read in the paper. If you feel like you have nothing to talk about, try a new activity or hobby to give you something to share.

Financial problems
More people seek relationship advice relating to financial problems than almost any other problem. Financial problems will always come up, so don’t bury your head in the sand. Whether it’s credit card bills or excessive debt, make time on a regular basis to sit together, talk things through and decide which steps you need to take next. Make discussing your financials part of your weekly routine so you don’t tip-toe around it and let it get out of control.

If your financial problems are controlling your relationship, speak to your bank or a financial advisor and create a plan to fix your financials. There is no shame in doing so, and the positive results are much more attainable than you think.

Lack of sex
You can’t expect to have the same sex life today as you had when you started dating. Accepting this should make things a little easier. But what’s important to realise is that even when the thrill that you once had is gone, you can get it back. But you need to work on it, and that’s the fun part. Take a weekend away together to get away from the kids, introduce role play into the bedroom, try out a few sex toys or it might be that you simply need to spend more time together.

Working long hours
It’s obvious: the more time that you spend at the office, the less time you have for your partner. Those long hours can wreak havoc on your relationship and lead to more problems at home.

If you work long hours, make sure you come home and tell your partner how much you love them and how much they mean to you. If your partner works long hours, try and make time for them when they get home, so they look forward to coming home. You should also sit down and talk about how you can make more time for each other. It won’t magically happen unless you discuss it.

Only you can decide if you can recover from infidelity. For some people, it’s a deal breaker, but for others, it’s an issue that can be worked on. Whether he cheated or you cheated, now is the time to sit down and talk about the infidelity – and what led up to it. You need to know why the cheating happened and what you can do to recover from the mistrust and discover how to trust again. You also need to learn how you can feel intimate with your partner again. No matter how big the problems between you might feel, there’s a good chance you can overcome those issues together.

What is your best bit of relationship advice? Share it in the comments!

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