Relationship Advice: Are You Ready to Get Married?

February 19, 2014

If you are in a long-term relationship, you might wonder if it is time to get married. But just because you’ve been together for a while, does it mean you’re really ready? Read on for our relationship advice before you start planning your big day.

Can you talk to each other about everything?
If the two of you are able to talk to one another about absolutely anything, it is a sign you might be ready for marriage. If you have no secrets from one another and feel comfortable talking about the future, you two are headed in the right direction.

Are your finances in order?
It is very important to have your finances in order before you even consider marriage. Money issues will almost always cause problems in a marriage and is one of the major reasons for divorce. Make sure that you are both financially responsible before walking down the aisle.

Do you have similar values?
You don’t have to parrot each other, but it’s important to have similar life values. For example, if you want children in the future, but your partner doesn’t, how will you handle that? Getting married is a serious step and needs a lot of preparation, not glossing over the big issues.

How do you handle conflicts?
It’s normal for couples to have conflicts every once in a while, but how to do you have those situations? Do you tend to sweep your problems under the carpet, or have screaming matches over who left the dishes in the sink? It is important to handle conflicts constructively. You have to consider each other’s point of view and discuss things rationally.

Do you accept each other, faults and all?
Nobody is perfect; everyone has faults, even you – yes, you! If you and your partner are thinking about getting married, you should accept each other’s faults. Belittling them or yelling at them is not accepting them, it’s a sign of disrespect.

If you don’t feel confident answering these questions, maybe you should wait before getting married. There’s no rush – the more you get to know someone, the better before making such a big life decision.

What relationship advice would you give someone thinking of getting married?

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