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Renee dating Damien Rice

Renee dating Damien Rice

Renee dating Damien Rice

Go Bridget!
Renee Zellweger is reportedly in a secret tryst with Irish crooner Damien Rice. Apparently the pair has been on a number of dates since Renee split with White Stripes frontman Jack White, however they are trying to keep their burgeoning relationship under cover. Damien Rice is best known for his hit song, The Blower’s Daughter, the feature song in recent film Closer. According to a friend, ?Renee and Damien have been seeing each other for a while and they’re both really happy. Renee is pretty intense and Damien is something of a poet so they’re the perfect match. They have been seen drinking in an Irish pub together and they certainly looked very cosy, but it’s early days.”

JLo coughing on the German show
JLo Preggers?
Jennifer Lopez had added fuel to the fire of pregnancy rumours. Firstly, she cancelled her European tour due to ?a small cold.? A statement from the pop princess said: “I very much wanted to be in London today but unfortunately I’m not well. At the advice of my doctors I’m unable to travel. Being sick has also caused me to cancel my European album tour. Please accept my sincerest apologies as I have to remain in Los Angeles.” However, she still managed to appear on the German talk show, You Bet. She performed her new number Get Right and then host Thomas Gottschalk attempted to find out the truth to the rumours. He barely managed to get the question out before the 35-year-old put her hands up and said, ?Don?t Ask?. She promised the host that he would be among the first to know if the rumours were true, but refused to comment at that time. Hmmm so it?s not a no…!

Proud dad outside the hospital
Cruz is a girl’s name!
Victoria and David Beckham?s third son has been given a girl?s name, according to Spanish language experts. Baby Cruz Beckham was born at 10.40am on Sunday at the Hospital Ruber Internacional in Madrid. Cruz apparently means the religious Cross in Spanish, but Spanish language tutor at Oxford, Lola Oria, says it?s actually a girl?s name. “I think it is a stupid name. They will have problems in Spain. It is an old-fashioned girl’s name and difficult for an English-speaker to pronounce.” On Cruz?s unusual name, David admitted, ?we found it hard this time but we found a name we liked and stuck with it.” At least brothers Brooklyn, 5 and Romeo, 2 have someone to take the heat away from their unusual names. Meanwhile, bookmakers William Hill have offered odds of 100/1 that Cruz will play for England one day, and 1000/1 that all three boys will get into the English team. Might be waiting a while for that return…

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