Renee’s marriage crisis

August 2, 2005

Renee’s marriage crisis

Renee Zellweger married country music star Kenny Chesney, but already rumours are abounding that their marriage is in trouble. According to friends, “The cracks are getting bigger by the day.” The reality of marriage is proving to be a struggle for the Bridget Jones actress, friends saying ?Ren?e had no idea how involved in every aspect of her life Kenny would want to be. She’d never even seen him lose his temper before the wedding, but now he seems to think he can tell Ren?e what to do, what to wear, where to go and who to see. He doesn’t seem to like her hanging out with her old friends.” Some may say it was their short, four month courtship that could be the problem, but despite speculation, neither she nor Kenny are confirming any relationship difficulties. Her rep says things are “great” between the couple and his spokesperson says “He’s focusing on what he does best: making music.”

Little Violet Affleck
Sources on the set of Jennifer Garner?s film Catch & Release have reported that she is thinking of calling her unborn baby Violet. One snoop revealed, ?She has a baby name book in her trailer. I don’t know if they just like how [the name] sounds or if it is a family name.” Meanwhile, it seems Ben Affleck?s former flame Jennifer Lopez is less than happy about her former fiance?s news. She was interviewed by US Elle magazine, and was asked what she thought about Jennifer?s pregnancy. She replied, “I hope that they’re happy. You know, it’s a beautiful thing. There are no hard feelings.” But later when Elle apologised for arising the subject, J.Lo admitted: “Yeah, you depressed me” as being a mother is one of her ultimate dreams.

Is J.Lo pregnant?
According to US Star Magazine, J.Lo may not have to be depressed for much longer, as she too is expecting her own little bundle of joy. A source has told the magazine that Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony are expecting, “It’s very top secret right now,? the source revealed. “She could be six to seven weeks gone.” According to sources, ?Having a big family is something she has always dreamed of”. Of course, her representatives aren?t commenting yet, and as there have been rumours abounding over a potential pregnancy since the pair got engaged. After the heartbreak of so many false hopes, if J.Lo is pregnant, she will be sure to keep it close to her chest for as long as possible. This could be the real deal though: sources say a fashion stylist who works with J.Lo has been approaching several LA based designers asking them to put together goodie baskets for the possible mum-to-be?. Stay tuned!

Sienna?s good news
Size does matter according to Paris

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