Renee’s reasons for divorce

September 20, 2005

Renee’s reasons for divorce

Renee Zellweger?s shock split from country music star Kenny Chesney, fans around the world have been wondering why she cited ?fraud? as a reason for the annulment. Apparently her court filing raised eyebrows as sometimes the word ?fraud? is cited in divorce or annulment proceedings when one partner is gay or has sexual issues. Renee has jumped to defend her estranged husband, saying: “[The term is] simply legal language and not a reflection of Kenny’s character? I would personally be very grateful for your support in refraining from drawing derogatory, hurtful, sensationalized or untrue conclusions. We hope to experience this transition as privately as possible.” Apparently the reason for the split is their differing opinions of parenthood. According to a friend, the term ?fraud? was referring to his reluctance to become a dad even though “her biological clock is ticking loudly.” According to the London?s The Mail, “She is desperate to have children,” the friend told the paper. “Renee’s understanding was that Kenny wanted a family too. It was Kenny who got cold feet.”

Kate apologises for drugs bust
It has been a treacherous week for supermodel Kate Moss. Photographs of her taking cocaine featured in a UK newspaper over the weekend spawned a backlash of anti-drugs activism. She has been forced to apologise to one of her modelling contractors, high street chain H&M, after their spokesperson Anacarin Bjorne said, “We are very anti-drugs and insist all our models are healthy and sound. What happened is in Kate’s private life, but we are all very disappointed in her.” Fortunately an apology was all it took: “Kate has apologised and was full of remorse for her actions. She has assured us it will not happen again, and we are willing to give her another chance.” She has also reportedly ditched boyfriend Pete Doherty, but not without drama. Apparently the controversial rocker went ?berserk” after Kate told him in Ibiza. He reportedly smashed a $23,000 vintage guitar on star and allegedly threatened a reporter with a broken bottle.

Charlie was a bad sport
Charlie Sheen has hinted that the demise of his marriage actually had little to do with alcohol and gambling, but more to do with sport. During a visit to David Letterman?s chat show last week, he explained: “It’s the first time I got dumped in my life. I think the one thing I would point to as a primary reason, basically, is that I was a gigantic a*s. I had an epiphany later on what the sports highlight is for. The sports highlight is for parents, people that should be spending more time doing more important things. But it just bothered me when, I mean… who bathes in the ninth inning? Who bathes in the fourth quarter? I had to take a step back and really take a look at myself and the situation. I made a commitment to this woman that I love, this family that I love and I realized this can be fixed and it’s okay to part the ego, to abandon self and just stay true to my commitment and be a man of my word. Things are really good. Today we have hope, we have a shot.” Bravo!

Sienna and Jude back on track

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