Restaurant review: Beaches, Manly

September 10, 2009

Like pizza? Like wine? Like cosy restaurants with friends? Book a table here and you won’t be disappointed says Editor Melissa!

When you walk into Beaches you are instantly greeted by warm brick walls covered from floor to ceiling in hundreds of wine bottles. “I think I’m going to like this place,” I tell my fiancé.

We find a high table at the back with stools and order a garlic pizza to start. The menu is extensive with every possible type of pizza topping you could like. Now I can see why it has a reputation for the best pizza north side of the Harbour Bridge!

We select a few bottles of red (we are dining with another couple!) and sit back to soak in the soft chatter of other patrons and the sheer volume of the wines we are surrounded by.

“Nowhere in the world will you see wine stored upside down around the walls except for beaches,” says owner Mike. “We came up with this idea and made all the racks and tables with the help of local craftsman. The slab timber floor rescued from sawmills on the north coast of New South Wales, is a living thing, expanding and contracting with the seasons, and keeping us and our customers ever present, in a throwaway society.” They also now use 30% less energy to make their pizzas. Tasty and good for the environment – nice!

After polishing off our garlic pizza entrée we move onto a Spicy Marinated Lamb pizza with spinach, ricotta, lamb, mint leaves and cherry tomatoes and a special order of Margarita with pepperoni (which our friends tell us is the bomb!) The toppings are delicious and the bases nice and thin so you can eat more than you think! Prices range from $14 for a small to $24 for a large.

The staff are friendly and easy-going and tell us about the wine-tasting nights they hold once a month. You get to taste a selection of five wines from different Australian regions and I can already see my fiance’s mind ticking over.

We finish off our wine and head home, satisfied and not too much out of pocket. I would suggest this place for a quiet catch up with friends and for those who enjoy the two P’s. Pizza and plonk!
Shop 22 Darley Rd
Manly, Sydney 2096
02 9977 0078

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