Restore Your Health And Wellbeing In Ubud

August 14, 2015
health, retreats, travel, ubud, bali

Bali has an infamous reputation of being the party capital of the world. With Kuta a usual starting point for visitors, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in the bustling streets and hectic nightlife.

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That’s why it’s great to take a trip out of the usual tourist options and head up into the hills to the town of Ubud. While still a tourist attraction, Ubud is much quieter than other popular places in Bali and is one of the best destinations to travel to, to relax and rejuvenate.

Health spas and wellness retreats are common in Ubud, which is mostly seen for its culture, art and connection with nature; yoga and meditation are a way of life. If you’re looking for a getaway that is more ‘me time’ than land marks, Ubud is the place to go to spend some time with yourself and focus on your wellbeing.

health, retreats, travel, ubud, bali

Denpasar Airport is a mere six hour flight from Sydney, with Ubud sitting an hours drive north of the city. Among the lush green fields and forests lie your pick of retreats that are sure to rejuvenate you and help you to de-stress for your life back at home. Ubud is all about healing the mind, body and soul with spiritual remedies.

Many retreats and resorts will offer you activities such as daily yoga, temple visits, rice field walks and meditation, as well as amazing spa treatments to really help you let go of any stress that you’re holding. Joining a retreat will also include your meals, with chefs cooking up healthy and organic meals to help your holiday cleanse.

There are ancient temples, arts and crafts communities and small villages around Ubud that have you connecting with Indonesia in a way that doesn’t involve vodka shots and clubbing. As a great cultural experience and a chance to restore your health and relax in a great country, Ubud is a must on your holiday bucket list.

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