Resumes that win interviews

March 22, 2005

Resumes that win interviews

Following are the list of things that an employer may be thinking as they read your resume:

– Is this applicant qualified, overqualified or underqualified for this position?
– Does this applicant have a record of relevant achievements?
– Does the applicant have the right professional experience for this position?
– Has the applicant demonstrated commitment and the ability to succeed?
– Will this candidate fit into my organisation and team?
– Will the applicant need any additional training to be able to perform effectively in this role?
– How does this applicant rate against other applicants?
– Is this applicant experienced in doing exactly what I would be hiring them to do? If so, how well did they perform in that role? If not, do they have relevant experience?
– Why did this candidate leave past positions?
– How would this candidate benefit from working for my organisation?
– How dose the candidate?s personal hobbies and interests relate to this role? What do their personal interests and hobbies say about their personality?
– Does their education relate to the position that I am filling?
– How long would it take this applicant to start performing effectively in this position?

How do you ensure your resume will win you interviews with top employers? Here are some great tips.

Have a clear career summary and job objective that shows you will fit the job
Clearly describe your career history highlighting the experience, education and qualities that you have which are most relevant to an employer. Show an employer that you are focused in your career goals and know exactly what you want.

Emphasise achievements you have made that relate to the potential employer
Emphasise your achievements because your achievements will set you apart and make you stand out from other applicants.

Tailor your resume to each application
Each employer is different and your resume needs to demonstrate your skill, qualifications and experience as it relates to each position.

Use eye-catching presentation
Ensure that the resume is easy for busy employers to read and that they can quickly scan your resume to identify the skills, experience, education and qualities that you have which are most relevant to the position being filled. Do this by using clear headings and bullet points.

This article is written by Lisa O?Brien from Careerscoach

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