Revenge of the blondes

March 30, 2004

Revenge of the blondes

The Dirty Girl?s Joke Book
Karen S. Smith
Carlton Books Limited

Great Jokes About Crap Blokes
Carlton Books Limited

Most girls love a good old dirty joke. Whether it?s to break up a boring afternoon at work, or for your weekly girly breakfast, there?s nothing better than having a cackle at a normally taboo subject. But think about it – most jokes are written for blokes. How many blonde jokes have you heard? Well now we?ve got something to fight back with. The Dirty Girl?s Joke Book and Great Jokes About Crap Blokes are two hilarious books aimed at not just picking on men, but beating them at their own game.

Regular themes in The Dirty Girl?s Joke Book include men?s and women?s different opinions to the same sexual experience, reasons why dogs, cars, bicycles etc… (the list goes on) are better than men and/or sex as well as interesting chapters such as ?shaggy bitch stories? and ?pussy power?. Want an example? “Why is a woman like a TV remote control? Because a man will just sit there pushing buttons randomly until something happens.”

Great Jokes About Crap Blokes isn?t quite as funny as the former but is still a great giggle. It boasts 201 hilarious jokes dedicated to the male species, which, you have to admit, is a rather entertaining subject of ridicule. Just don?t say stuff like this to a naked man and expect him to still be there in the morning: “But it still works – right?” or “Aaah it?s so cute” or even “Does it come with an airpump?”

These books are perfect to give your bestie the next time she breaks up with her bloke. Or you could just use them for your next girlie evening to have a little giggle at your man?s expense. After all those blonde jokes – don?t they deserve it?!

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