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I Tried The UFO Beauty Gadget Everyone’s Talking About

I Tried The UFO Beauty Gadget Everyone’s Talking About

A mess-free face mask in 90 seconds? Uh, yes please.

I get distracted by shiny things very easily.

So much so, that the second I set my eyes upon the prettiness that is the Foreo UFO beauty tool that’s setting the skincare community abuzz, I was intrigued. I mean, beauty mavens the world over were claiming this thing could administer an entire sheet mask routine in just 90 seconds, with a bit of LED therapy to boot.

Shiny, AND time-saving? Where do I sign up?

Luckily I have a side hustle as a beauty writer, so that means I can try all the goodies. (It’s a hard life I lead, but I’m all about helping others so like, you’re welcome.) I even made a little video for you, because fun! 

How does it work?

So what exactly does this much-hyped device do? According to the marketing copy, all the things. Firstly they talk about a very science-y sounding thing called Hyper-Infusion Technology. This means the UFO uses heating and cooling to open and close your pores, as well as T-Sonic pulse vibrations to make sure all the mask’s goodness sinks as positively deeply as it can into your skin.

Next they mention another beauty buzzword: Cryo-Therapy. It’s a cooling technology used to lift and firm skin, and reduce gross puffiness.

Lastly, this powerhouse little device has a ring that lights up with LEDs, each targeting different skincare concerns. Red for fine lines, collagen deficit, redness, inflammation and sun damage; blue is usually used to combat acne and breakouts; and green is said to calm skin and may also help skin discolouration and melasma.

I’m a tiny bit skeptical on this last feature, mostly because I’ve had regular LED treatments before and I needed 15 minutes twice a week to see any benefit, and this only goes for 90 seconds. But I am happy to be made a believer.

What masks can you get?

There are two masks on offer: Make My Day (daytime) and Call It A Night (night-time, obviously). The day formula contains a red algae and hyaluronic acid mix to protect your skin from the crud in the air and keep it well hydrated. At night, the serums on the mask contain olive oil and ginseng for deep moisture and overnight rejuvenation.

Foreo UFO review beauty SheSAID
So goopy! Much serum!

Now… how did I use this damn thing? It did look a little confusing and from the ads I had assumed the side with all the holes in it would be the active side. Nope, that was just the pretty side. I know, I know I could have looked at the instructions but directions are for wimps. Turns out you remove a little plastic ring on the underside, place the little paper face mask circle (which was super goopy) on the device and secure it by replacing the ring. But make sure you fit it properly, otherwise it will fall off mid-facial (and mid-video, making you look fricking silly.)

The verdict

The Foreo UFO is perfectly palm sized and is super comfy to hold. When I press the button to start it up, the lights on the device give a little warning blink and it starts vibrating away.

Let me start by saying it’s nearly impossible to talk about a warm, goopy, silicone, vibrating device without sounding a bit sexual. Of course, because I am hopeless, I only discover this when I have the camera running to capture my first reactions. Luckily I go bright fricking red whenever I cleanse my face, so let’s go ahead and claim the redness of me blushing through sounding filthy is related to that, shall we?

It. Feels. Heavenly. The sensation is like getting a warming, muscle relaxing massage at the same time as a spa-quality facial. There is, however, quite a lot of serum on the sheet and as a result some of it starts dripping off my chin (and again, whenever I said that out loud in the video it just sounded wrong. Sorry. Also not sorry.)

I notice the LED changing colour through the routine and while I love me a bit of LED I kind of feel like it couldn’t be doing that much. When I had LED treatments in salon, they lasted a minimum of 15 minutes at a time to see results. I mean, it could be doing something, but I only reviewed the device for a week, so I would need more of a long term trial to say one way or the other.

Foreo UFO LED review
It even has LED therapy lights!

What I will say is that afterwards, my skin felt good. Damn good. It looked more plump and hydrated, and felt silky smooth. I could seriously get used to using this little disc of shiny skincare wonder.

The cost

But there is the little matter of having to buy custom masks for the device. With the Foreo UFO itself costing $US279, and each mask set (night and day) priced at $9.99 for a pack of seven, that’s kind of expensive. I mean, I guess sheet masks are probably more expensive on a per mask basis, but this device well and truly locks you into the Foreo family. Which, if you love the device won’t be a bad thing, but I sometimes want a little more variety.

That aside it’s a nifty little beauty tool that really revolutionizes the whole face masking part of a skincare regimen. Plus, so pretty and shiny.

Comment: What’s the best beauty gadget you’ve ever used? 

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