Robbie Williams is back + more gossip!

August 6, 2009

Robbie Williams is back!

It’s the music moment we have all been waiting for, Robbie Williams is set to release his first single in what feels like a lifetime! “Bodies” is due to air October 9 followed by his album “Reality Killed the Video Star” on November 6. That’s one day before my birthday. Yeehah! Showing right now on Robbie’s official website is an exclusive video clip of Robbie’s first day back at work. Check it out here

Paula Abdul leaves “American Idol”

After years of threatening to do it, Paula Abdul has finally left “American Idol”. Boo hoo. According to reports, Paula wanted $20 million to remain on the reality show! She rejected an offer of $10 mill because the woman thinks she is worth more than that. The New York Times reports that she “felt unappreciated”, particularly after host Ryan Seacrest netted a a multi-year deal reportedly worth $45 million. Sheesh! Getting her worth or too greedy? You decide.

Rihanna wants Chris Brown restraining order dropped

Why, oh, why, is she still pushing this? Rihanna’s attorney has fronted court asking that his 50 yard (or 10 yards if they’re both attending the same event) is dropped. “No stay-away order was ever requested by Rihanna, nor did she ever believe it was necessary,” her attorney said. You’d think she’d want to stay away from the guy who beat her up, not get closer. Could a reconciliation be on the cards?

Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad news

Fans of “America’s Next Top Model” will be pleased to hear that Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian will both be joining the judges’ panel for the next series. Will they do a good job?

Paris Hilton gets a TV gig

Paris Hilton has announced via Twitter that she is set to guest star on the hit show “Supernatural”. “I love the show Supernatural. It rocks! So excited!” she said. Wonder if she will appear as a demon? That could be fun!

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