Roberts plans 5 year break after childbirth

October 26, 2004
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Roberts plans 5 year break after childbirth

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts has declared that she will be taking a well earned 5 year break from films after she gives birth to twins in January next year. Now Magazine quoted her personal trainer Kathy Kaehler as saying: “She says she’s taking at least five years off from movie-making to raise her twins… She’s waited so long to be a mother, and fought so hard to be one, that she wants to devote all her time to her babies.” Hope Julia doesn?t mind her blabber mouth personal trainer telling the world about her upcoming plans. Kathy Kaehler added: “Julia couldn’t care less about getting her movie-star body back once those babes are born, she says she’s taking at least five years off from movie-making to raise her twins? Julia says her body will return to where it was naturally over in time, instead of rushing it with crazy diets. She thinks it sends the wrong message and says if her career is kaput because she took time off to raise her kids, then it’s a lousy indictment of the industry. She waited so long to be a mother and fought so hard to be one that she wants to devote all her time to her babies.” Recent reports say that she is expecting a boy and a girl in January!

Hanging onto that ring…
Nicky Hilton won?t give ring back
Nicky Hilton has reportedly further complicated her divorce proceedings with Todd Meister by refusing to give up her wedding ring. The pair decided to separate earlier this month, only two months after their August 15 wedding. Their reasoning is because they are currently working on opposite sites of the Atlantic. But now Nicky has said she wants to keep the wedding ring as a souvenir of their six week marriage. The ring is a 10 carat diamond rock that was a family heirloom owned by Todd?s late mother ? no wonder he wants it back! Despite reports in America?s People magazine, a friend of the couple contends, “The ring is a non-issue. Whoever thinks it is doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

New lesbian bride
Princess Diaries star finds her own princess
Quirky Princess Diaries and Saved! star Heather Matarazzo has joined the likes of Rosie O’Donnell and Melissa Etheridge by marrying another woman. The 21-year-old actress played Mia?s best friend Lilly in both Princess Diaries movies. She was hoping to keep her sexuality secret, however she?s ?so in love? she wanted to tell the whole world. She tells American gay magazine, Advocate, “Even drawing her a bath … makes me want to cry because I’ve never been so happy.? The only downside is the problem her sexuality has caused for her Italian mother, who is a devout Catholic. Heather notes, “It’s been hard for her, (but she’s) very proud that I’m her daughter.” Although she refuses to say who her wife?s name is, she admits she?s a New York theatre star.

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