How to Romance That Special Someone

April 21, 2014

Romance should certainly never be dead, and if you’re lacking it in your relationship, there are plenty of ways to bring it in. Don’t rely on your partner if he’s not a natural romancer. If you romance him, then chances are he will have more idea of what you want and return the favour.

Our top tips on romance are aimed at reminding both halves of a relationship how special they are to one another, and if you feel things have become a bit flat, it’s a great way of bringing back that spark. Knowing how to romance isn’t necessarily obvious, so if it doesn’t come to you easily, start with this basic first suggestion and then progress to the others. You will soon become a natural and be full of your own ideas.

  1. Take your other half for a walk in the countryside or for a stroll along the beach to watch the sun set. You’ll find time to be alone in beautiful surroundings, a perfect setting for telling that special someone how much they mean to you.
  2. The element of surprise is certainly a friend to romance, and even the tiniest of gestures can bring a huge smile to your man’s face. Try sneaking a little handmade love note into his briefcase.
  3. If your partner’s birthday’s coming up, that is the perfect time to be romantic (though of course it doesn’t need to be his birthday for you to buy him a gift). Surprise him by getting a loving gift sent to his work. It might be a big box of luxury chocolates or something with a more personal touch.
  4. To go that step further, why not take your man for a stroll in the park, or along the river, to an already prepared romantic picnic with wine and the works! This would be perfect on a nice day or on a warm evening, with candles providing the ideal atmosphere.
  5. If you want to go all out and create some fun while you’re at it, set up a little treasure hunt where he has to follow hidden clues throughout his day, to eventually find you. That might be at a picnic, as previously mentioned, or alternatively have the clues lead to the bedroom, where you have candles, wine, music, and yourself in irresistible lingerie awaiting.

Another important romance help is to tailor any gesture to your special someone. Only by knowing him as well as you do can you decide on what he will appreciate most.

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