7 Romantic Hairstyles You’ll Fall In Love With

February 14, 2017

Love is in the hair. 

If you’ve been looking forward to Valentine’s Day this year, chances are it’s because you have someone special to celebrate it with – and you probably have plans to spend it with that someone. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll probably want to look amazing.

If you anticipate receiving a better-than-fabulous Valentine’s Day gift while you spend quality time on a perfect date with your significant other, we know you’ve already planned the perfect date-night outfit to make you feel great and blow your partner’s mind – but have you considered your hairstyle yet?

Look no further, because we’ve collected some of the most romantic, elegant, feminine and downright gorgeous hairstyles to help inspire you this Valentine’s day…

1. This cute heart braid


This may look complicated, but it’s as simple as perfecting some thin braids and pinning them in place to form a pretty little love heart. Full tutorial here.

2. This elegant rose


Time-consuming but totally worth it! This elegant half-up hairstyle requires some braiding, pinning and pulling to achieve the perfect rose. Full tutorial here.

3. This princess-like braid 


Fishtail braids are a great hair trick to have in your arsenal for everyday wear, but this side-swept full style is also perfect for Valentine’s Day. A perfect fishtail braid is achieved by making the finished product look disheveled and messy. Full tutorial here.

4. This romantic bow


This feminine bow is easier than it looks, and extremely impressive when you pull it off. Just gather hair into a ponytail, pin it to form the bow, and curl the rest. Simple! Full tutorial here.

5. This Game of Thrones inspired ‘do. 

GameOfThronesHair (1)

Feel like a royal lady in Westeros with this medieval-looking style. As easy as doing two (or more) braids and wrapping them around your head. The end result? Royally amazing. Full tutorial here.

6. This style that proves love really is in the hair


If you can tie your hair in a ponytail, you can achieve this love-filled look. Take sections of hair and loop them through your ponytail on each side until you have a loose love heart sitting in the middle of your head. Full tutorial here.

7. This fancy braided bun


For those with shorter hair, or who don’t want to wear their hair out, this on-trend feminine look is perfect. Flip your head upside down, do your normal dutch braid, tie into a pony and form your messy bun. Full tutorial here.

Images via pinterest.com 

Comment: How are you styling your hair for Valentine’s Day? 

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