Rompers For Men Are Here And The Internet Is Not Having It


Guys, not everything is for you.

In yet another case of men taking a good thing and ruining it, there’s now a Kickstarter campaign for a product called RompHim – “a romper specially designed for men.”

Yes, that’s right. Every girl’s fave cute warm-weather wear is being co-opted by boys, who think they’re in dire need of a “unique, fashionable, cool and very wearable” garment that lets them “be more stylish and fun without also sacrificing comfort, fit and versatility.”

That’s according to the founders of the project, business school mates who said they came up with the idea while “sitting around drinking beers one evening.”

However, the Internet isn’t so sure about this whole ‘rompers for men’ thing. One Twitter user was quick to point out that rompers for men already exist – or at least, they did in 1964, when one was sported by none other than 007 himself, James Bond.

That iconic blue terrycloth ‘playsuit’ is widely regarded as one of the greatest fashion travesties in cinematic history. But that isn’t stopping the founders of RompHim, who say response to their product has been “overwhelming.”

If they’re talking about blowing up on social media, response certainly has been overwhelming.

Some people have better ideas for naming the product…

Others are interested in purchasing it – maybe…

But most people are just baffled…

The Kickstarter campaign has 28 days to go, but has already met its funding goal several times over, so it looks like the RompHim will soon be a reality. We can’t wait?

Images via Kickstarter and Twitter.

Comment: Will you buy a RompHim for the man in your life?