The Rookie’s Guide To Contouring

Nadine Dilong

Not all of us are blessed with high cheekbones, a stunning jawline, and a perfect nose. But there is a way that we can enhance our facial features without resorting to plastic surgery.

Contouring is the key, but how do you do it without hiring a makeup artist and spending hours in front of the mirror? Don’t worry, we have the ultimate rookie’s guide to contouring right here.

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I chatted with beauty director of bellabox, Samantha Taylor, who talked me through her contouring routine, which is super easy thanks to a fool-proof product she uses, the Chella Contouring Pencil.

Samantha also shared a few other tips and tricks and talked to me about the hype that contouring is experiencing at the moment. So here it is, the no-excuse-anybody-can-do-this guide to contouring:

Step one

Ensure that foundation is evenly blended on the face, especially around the hairline and jaw bone.

Step two

Apply Cinnamon highlighter along the bottom of the cheekbone. You should not extend any further into the face than the line down from the outer corner of your eye. Blend upwards using a sponge, brush or fingers. Ensure it is blended in to the hair line

Step three

If you wish to thin your nose, apply to the sides of your nose and blend completely.

Step four

You may apply to your temples if you wish to slim your face making sure you blend well.

Step five

Apply Lace highlighter to the cheekbones, along the ridge of the nose and the tip of the chin. Apply also to the brow bone and under the eyes if you wish.

Step six

Blend using a sponge, brush or fingers.

Chella pencil

Why do you think has contouring become so popular recently?

We can thank Kimmy K for this trend going mainstream. The contouring photo she posted literally blew up the internet! Makeup artists have used contour techniques for ages and it was very much a professional trick, however with all these great products that are easy to use, mere mortals can achieve fierce cheekbones too.

Should it be part of our everyday makeup routine or should we save it for special occasions?

That is totally up to the individual as it depends on your makeup style. I do some sort of contouring every day, though others might like to keep it for special occasions.

The right foundation is crucial before contouring, do you have any tips on how to find the perfect one?

Always ask for a sample of foundation to try at home before you commit to buying. Lighting in department stores can be misleading, so it is best to try it in the comfort of your home and always check how it looks in natural light.

What makes contouring with the Chella pencils better than contouring with a powder?

Using the Chella pencils makes contouring so easy to use it is practically fool proof. Simply draw onto the face and blend with your fingers. No need to invest in brushes as the creamy formulation blends beautifully and stays on the skin.

Can or should you use blusher on top of your contoured cheekbones? 

Absolutely. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Not too much though and make sure you blend the blush in!

You can get the Chella Contouring Pencils from

Image via and bellabox