Salt Review

August 11, 2010

Salt Review

About 10 minutes into Salt, I realised that Angelina Jolie is the new James Bond: sexy, tough and irresistible. We saw it in Lara Croft, and even more so in Salt. The only difference is that unlike Bond, Jolie’s character doesn’t sleep her way through conquests – there’s no sex in Salt, but it absolutely gets your pulse racing.

This is a straight up action flick with a twist of international intrigue, and if you want a heart thumper, you got it. Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a CIA operative accused of being a sleeper spy for Russia…but is she? Her boss Ted Winter (gorgeous Liev Schreiber) fights for her innocence while CIA counter-intelligence does everything to find out the truth. And the truth really is stranger than fiction.

Salt is a crash course in sleeper spies and keeps you guessing till the very end. There’s classic East-meets-West Cold War antics, complete with vodka-swilling Ruskis and the Americans led by a good-looking yet slightly startled President. Australian Director Phillip Noyce is the master of political thrillers but scores a good balance between high-octane action and the character-driven story.

Jolie grunts like an Eastern European tennis player against an in-your-face soundtrack of breaking glass, tasers and car crashes. You thought running after six kids is what keeps her fit? When you find out she did all her own stunts in Salt you’ll agree she really is the modern day wonder woman.

4 out of 5.

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